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10 to 10 in Delhi

10 to 10 in Delhi is hidden in plain sight on Nicolson Street, a stone’s throw away from the Royal Mile. Many Edinburgh newbies and visitors make the mistake of passing it by, but the reality is this cute little restaurant/cafe does incredible food at a reasonable price – and you really can’t argue with that.

Mr Bug and I popped in a couple of weeks ago, at lunchtime in the thick of the festival season. To be honest I thought we would give it a try, but had plenty of plan Bs lined up in case it was too full. We were both pleasantly surprised to discover that there was a spare table available, because this isn’t always the case!

Inside 10 to 10 in Delhi

The first thing you notice when you head into 10 to 10 in Delhi is that is quite… cosy. Okay, let’s not sugarcoat it, the place is tiny. I think it adds to its charm, but it can be quite frustrating to look in the window and realise there isn’t any space left – which does happen quite often. 🙁

So you can imagine our surprise and our joy when we managed to get sat down (no fighting over reserved seating this time!). All we had to do was head to the counter to pick up a menu, then the waitress came over to take our order.

Mango Lassi

I’ve been on a bit of a lassi binge recently, and I’m not really showing any signs of stopping. To be fair, I really love lassi. I spotted the yoghurt based drink on the menu and I really couldn’t say no.

Despite the fact I ordered a mango lassi, it came laced with a raspberry sauce that added a little extra sweetness to the drink and I really enjoyed. It was a struggle not to gulp the whole thing down before our food arrived!

Chana masala chapatti

Mr Bug had a really tasty looking dish, made with chana masala (chickpea curry) and a chapatti (a flatbread made with wholemeal flour). It was a really simple combo, with the chana masala wrapped up in the chapatti, and at only £3.50 or so (I can’t remember the exact price) you really can’t go wrong.

Even though it’s a wrap, it’s definitely not a grab and go dish, as the sloppy nature of the chana masala means that it is really best eaten with a knife and fork. Even so, it is an excellent option for a healthy lunch.

Mutter Paneer

Meanwhile, I had the mutter paneer with rice. Paneer is a Indian specialty and a kind of cottage cheese which I absolutely adore. I’ve seen it on a lot of menus in Indian restaurants in Edinburgh, but every time I order it, it is served up differently, which I think is great.

This time it came in a creamy tomato sauce, served with peas and other yummy vegetables. The paneer was cut up quite small, which meant that it blended in well with the rest of the dish. I have tried to make this kind of thing at home before with limited success (okay okay, it was a disaster) so extra points to 10 to 10 in Delhi for being able to pull this off!

Outside 10 to 10 in Delhi

10 to 10 in Delhi is budget food heaven. Mr Bug and I sat in and had a good meal for only 15 quid which, given the quality of the food, I thought was incredible. If you are wandering by and spot a table free, then grab it while you can and enjoy some fantastic grub in this charming hidden gem.

10 to 10 in Delhi is at 67 Nicolson Street, EH8 9BE, only a 5 minute walk from Princes Street if you come via North Bridge – you’ll spot it on the right hand side after you pass Nicolson Square and The Mosque Kitchen.

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