Calton Hill

If you’ve ever looked at a postcard stand in Edinburgh, fair chances are that you have seen the view from Calton Hill. With the Dugald Stewart monument in the foreground, the silhouette of Edinburgh Castle in the background and the Balmoral Hotel and Princes Street in the middle, it basically checks off all the main sights in Edinburgh in one handy panorama. So go ahead and get that postcard, but nothing beats fetching that shot for yourself!

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Fishers Bistro, Leith

If you  find yourself in Leith and love your fish – then you, my friend, are in for a treat! This area of Edinburgh is a buzzing hub of bars and restaurants, but the scene is very much dominated by seafood. It’s hardly surprising, being one of the largest ports in Scotland, but you can barely move for all the fine seafood establishments you can find around here.

One such place is Fishers Bistro, which you’ll find on The Shore. This area is famed for its wide range of quality restaurants, and Fishers Bistro is no exception.

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