Princes Street Gardens

If you find the hustle and bustle of the city getting all a bit too much, you can always retreat to one of Edinburgh’s most popular public parks: Princes Street Gardens. Marking the division between Old and New Town, this large and luscious green space is a haven for locals, a must-see for visitors and a hub for some of the city’s most exciting concerts and events.

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The Boozy Cow

It was my birthday a couple of weeks ago, so Mr Bug offered to take me out for a special treat meal. Seen as birthday calories don’t count (because I say so!) I got him to take me to the Boozy Cow – it’s just across the road from my office and had been catching my eye for a while. Plus, their solid fayre of good burgers and drinks had gone down well with a few of my friends and I had heard great things about the place.

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A tour of Glenkinche Distillery

Note from the Edinbug: I know a lot of people come to Edinburgh to get a grips on whisky or scotch, and it’s true that the city is a fantastic gateway to many Scottish distilleries. The thing is, I don’t know the first thing about whisky, so luckily my pal John has offered to write up a tour of Glenkinche Distillery for the site – I  hope you enjoy it!

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One of the many great things about my new job (I will stop banging on about it at some point, I promise) is that I get to try lots of new places that would have normally passed me by. I was lucky enough to be invited from my work to try Steak’s new menu for summer 2015 – and safe to say their new offering is a pretty good effort.

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Cairngorm Coffee Co.

Those who follow this blog closely (Hello, Mum!) will probably know that I recently started a new job. Apart from the fact that I now do what I love every day (yup – I get to promote Edinburgh both on here AND in my day job!), I’ve been having so much fun getting to know my new surroundings. I’ve moved from the empty end of Leith to the heart of Edinburgh’s New Town, where there are lots of cute cafés, independent shops and restaurants, and one of my favourite discoveries so far is Cairngorm Coffee Co.

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