Gladstone’s Land

It’s shameful the number of places in Edinburgh that I haven’t been to yet! Even though I run this blog, there are so many spots that I take for granted, and up until recently Gladstone’s Land was one of them.

I used to walk up the Royal Mile every day to work, and every day I would look at the Golden Bird above the doorway to Gladstone’s land and think “I must pop in there for a look”. Well, six years later, I finally did!

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Civerinos is still a relatively new addition to Edinburgh’s Italian/ pizzeria scene, which is enjoying a delightful boom at the moment. For a long time, the likes of La Favorita (quite rightly) dominated as the king of Edinburgh pizzas, but now there are lots of new players, and it’s great that there’s now a much bigger choice for those craving an Italian treat on a Saturday evening!

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