A picture of me up Arthur's seat
A picture of me on Arthur’s Seat – it was a bit soggy that day

Bit quiet around here? Read this announcement to find out why.

Hi! I’m Emma – aka “The Edinbug” – and I can’t wait to show you around my city!

Well, okay it’s not mine, technically. But I did move here over seven years ago to study and I never had the heart to leave. Quite simply, I now see Edinburgh as my home. During the day I have the best job in the world and work for the folks behind This is Edinburgh – but I love this city so much that I keep up the Edinbug in my personal time as a completely separate project.

Lots of visitors come to Edinburgh every year, and if you are planning on being one of them, I want to show you my favourite spots. Eateries, attractions, cafes, parks… some you will have heard of before, others will be a little bit more off the beaten track. Either way, I want you to make the most of your stay and I hope this site will help you plan your  perfect Edinburger trip.

Have fun exploring my Edinburgh 🙂

Wee disclaimer: Sometimes the lovely folk behind the fab Edinburgh restaurants, attractions or events will invite me to give them a try “on the house”. I’ll always let you you know when this is the case, though, and please be assured it will have no bearing on the opinions I express on the site! 

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. We are Gray Line Scotland, a small local company who offer one day tours from Edinburgh. We are wondering if you can help us with regards to getting our name out there in the social media world and we would love you to blog about us.
    We are one of the cheapest tour companies in Edinburgh with a 5 star visit Scotland award and the only company to offer FREE pickup from hotels and guest houses on the morning of a tour.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

  2. Dear Emma,

    I am working with a local company, Elephants and Bagels, who is joining up with another cafe, Deadly Donuts and are keen to see if you would cover this story.

    We will have a selection of flavours in store over the festival period continuing on after when the student population returns.

    Elephants and Bagels and Deadly Donuts both have an elephant logo and we are creating a joint one for the collaboration.

    Another great element of the story is that Elephants and Bagels is that we are supporting Get Your Own Back show during the fringe, maybe you remember the TV show, a lot of gunge, and we will be getting a special Donut for their run time in the festival.

    For the collab its great to see a new start up who has been helped by the Princes Trust establish themselves in a busy cafe market in Edinburgh. Elephants and Bagels is an established cafe who is closely connected The Elephant House and has a long history and many Edinburgh students make memories here. The collaboration of the two cafes brings together the great in Edinburgh cafes, especially in circular food, with the established helping the new.

    We are keen to get the word out and could may even do a competition to raise awareness.

    Please let me know if you need anymore information.

    Many Thanks

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