As of today, I will no longer be updating Edinbug. I have the domain until October 2017 so the website will remain online until then at least, even longer if I decide to renew the contract. However, I will be writing no new posts and I am no longer on social media.

Edinbug was a great chapter of my life, but I am ready to move on to new exciting projects, including my day job This is Edinburgh and

There are some great websites out there about Edinburgh. Here are some of my favourites:

Edinblogger: I have followed Gary for as long as I remember, even before I started blogging myself. This site has been a huge inspiration to me, and covers a wide breadth of topics.

Every Edinburgh: Run by two girls so talented it makes me want to vomit with envy. Their photos are incredible, their website is beautiful, and that’s all you can ever ask for.

Edinburgh Feasts: Probably one of the most comprehensive websites about the Edinburgh foodie scene on the planet. And written by one of my best friends.

Everything Looks Rosie: A gorgeous wee site about lifestyle, fashion, baking, and happenings in Edinburgh.

The Little Things: Another beautiful site that shows this fine city in its best light.

Talor Gilchrist: A gorgeous Edinburgh foodie blog.

This is Edinburgh: The Official Guide to Edinburgh. I hear it does okay. 😉

Until next time…!

The Edinbug x