Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary Club

 From 2pm every Sunday
Cabaret Voltaire
36 Blair Street

Feeling a bit worse for wear after a messy Saturday night? The lovely folks at Cabaret Voltaire know your pain, and have come up with a great way to blow those cobwebs away: The Bloody Mary Club.

Every Sunday from 2pm, the cafe throws open its doors to the downtrodden and bedraggled who want to relax and re-energise after a heavy night out, with an extensive bloody mary menu, offers on pizzas, fine music and fashion.

The people from “Cab Vol” asked me along to try their new Sunday afternoon saviour, and being quite partial to the odd bloody mary, I was more than happy to oblige!

Bloody Mary Club menu

The first thing you’ll notice at the Bloody Mary Club is the eclectic range of the vodka and tomato juice combos on offer. With prices starting from £4, this menu offers really good value for money, compared other cocktail bars in the Old Town.

If bloody marys aren’t your thing though, don’t panic. They have a good variety of other drinks behind the bar, or if you really can’t stomach it, you can always go for a good ol’ coffee.

Classic Bloody Mary

For my first round I had to try the standard mary, made with the traditional cocktail recipe. It was a pretty good offering to be fair, and a generous serving. At £4, you really can’t argue with the value for money and is a solid choice for anyone new to the way of the bloody mary!

Bloody Southern Belle

By my second round, I was feeling more adventurous and went for the “Bloody Southern Belle”, made with Jack Daniels and barbecue sauce. It was quite an unusual combo but worked quite well, bringing a little bit of smoky sweetness to this well known cocktail. Half the glass is also dusted with chilli, if you fancy your drink with a bit of a kick.

Bloody Mary Club Pizza

If you’re craving a greasy fix, the Bloody Mary Club has you covered, with 2 for 1 pizzas. The prices hover around £8 for a pizza, so go with a pal and it makes for a good deal.

There are a good range of pizzas to choose from, including a couple of vegetarian options, however in the end we went for the chicken and pepperoni and the cheese and tomato.

The pizzas come to your table in cardboard boxes, just like they would if you had ordered a Dominos from home. These pizzas are a little bit lighter though, with a thin and crispy base, but the toppings still pack a fatty punch.

Bloody Mary Club clothes sale

There’s more to the Bloody Mary Club than just food and drink deals though – with a couple curious additions you’ll spot as you come through Cab Vol’s doors.

The first is the vintage fashion fair, which boasts a small collection of pieces for punters to browse and buy as they wait for their Bloody Marys to be poured. It might sound unusual but the style on show very much fits in with Cabaret Voltaire’s cool and edgy vibe.

Tshirt making

Look behind you though, and you’ll spot my favourite bit of the whole event. There was a small stand where, for only £6, you could get your very own design printed on a teeshirt as you wait. You can either choose from one of the pre-selected designs, type up something along the lines of “I am never drinking again”, or make up a simple logo or picture of your own.

Three guesses what I went for…

Edinbug tshirt

My very first piece of branded merchandise! Wahey!

The Bloody Mary Club is the perfect place to wind down your weekend. With great drinks, good food and a fab vibe, I can’t think of a better way to chase away the Sunday blues. I can see this being a popular fixture, especially during the festival season.

Bloody Mary Club Logo

You can find Cabaret Voltaire (website) at 36 Blair Street, EH1 1QR. Head down the hill from Hunter’s Square, and you’ll spot it near the bottom on the left hand side.

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