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Bourbon / Ninja Kitchen

You could say I’ve been aware of Frederick Street’s latest arrival for a while now. My day-job office is located right above Bourbon and Ninja Kitchen’s new premises, so I had been eagerly watching its transformation pretty much daily.

When the new bar / food venue finally opened its doors and invited me along to try it out, I didn’t think twice before accepting!

Bourbon Menu

Bourbon Bar

Ninja Kitchen table setting

Laughing ladies at Bourbon

Bourbon and Ninja Kitchen now occupies a space that used to be a downtrodden city centre nightclub, but after a good few months of renovating they have turned this tired venue into something quite exciting. There’s a nightclub space, a private party room and a casual bar, where you can get your fill of Bourbon’s cocktail creations and Ninja Kitchen’s Asian fusion food.

I was there as part of a blogger group (shout out to my new pals Tuggy Tucks In, Talor Gilchrist and Fionn Fionn Fionn) so I was delighted to be met with a lovely cocktail that was ready and waiting for me when I arrived.

Billionaire Cocktail at Bourbon

Cocktails at Bourbon

The Zombie Cocktail at Bourbon

The Billionaire (top pic) tasted like a strong bourbon cocktail, but it was still quite sweet, very palatable and went down probably a little easier than it should have done! I followed this strong opener with the Green Empire, which leads with Hendricks Gin and Midori.

If you’re feeling brave, then try the Zombie cocktail. This flaming sensation is a thrilling mix of around eight different shots (if my memory serves me right…?) and is definitely not one for the faint hearted!

Onto the food – head chef Markus came out from the kitchen to tell us about the Ninja Kitchen concept and talk us through the menu.

I’m ashamed that I didn’t make the connection before he explicitly told us, but Ninja Kitchen is actually the next step in the evolution on Ninja Buns, a street food sensation that was already well known in Edinburgh and that was previously in residence at Paradise Palms. Ninja Buns has since packed up and moved on, and Ninja Kitchen is the next step in Markus’ Asian fusion street food journey.

Sweetcorn dumplings at Ninja Kitchen

Edamame beans at Ninja Kitchen

Tofu bun at Ninja Kitchen

Peanut Slaw at Ninja Kitchen

Fried cauliflower at Ninja Kitchen

Prawn Skewers at Ninja Kitchen

So why the move from  Ninja Buns to Ninja Kitchen? While Bao Buns are still a big part of what the concept is, the menu has expanded to encompass a whole lot more. After hearing what was on offer, myself and my new found blogger pals were tripping over ourselves to order and try as much as our tables could carry.

Of course, the bao buns were a predictable crowd-pleaser, but I really enjoyed the side dishes, in particular the fried cauliflower and moreish garlic and chilli edamame beans.

Coconut and lemongrass sorbet in a deep fried bun

Coffee buns at Ninja Kitchen

The desserts were also really imaginative. The coconut and lime sorbet was a dairy free delight served in a deep fried bun (because, you know, you can never have too many buns in one sitting). A couple of my dining chums also ordered the coffee pops, and I must admit I eyed them with envy when they arrived at the table.

I am really excited about this new arrival on Frederick Street. Bourbon offers a great range of drinks and cocktails in this laid back bar space, with Ninja Kitchen offering something a niche food menu that is bound to become a cult classic in the New Town.

With the offering changing and evolving all the time, I highly recommend you pop in and give it a try. Just make sure you order an extra side of the fried cauliflower – it WILL disappear before you know it! 😉

You can find Bourbon / Ninja Kitchen at 24 Frederick Street, EH2 2JR. It’s just a short walk from Princes Street – simply walk up Frederick Street and you’ll see the door with stairs down to it on the left-hand side. 

Thanks very much to the folks from Bourbon / Ninja Buns for inviting me along to try it all! 

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