The outside sign of the Brass Monkey in Leith

The Brass Monkey, Leith

Right on the limits between Leith and Edinburgh lies The Brass Monkey, one of the best places to have a relaxing drink on Leith Walk.

I don’t know if it’s because the place caters to my hipster-y tendancies, but I really love the vibe of the place. Just like its sister pub on Drummond Street up in Newington, The Brass Monkey is all about the movies, with the walls covered in posters and a huge projector set up in the back room playing the evening’s film of choice. With lots of chairs and comfy sofas, you can easily find a place to settle down with a couple of pals on a weeknight.

The back room of the Brass Monkey

The movie theme spreads to the decor, which is quirky but not so trendy that it becomes overbearing. Leather sofas, dark wood tables and mismatched armchairs are paired with a warm colour scheme and  lots of celebrity portraits and movie posters.

The front room of the Brass Monkey with lots of pictures and posters

Having said that, if you’re not digging the movie that’s showing, that’s cool too. There are a wide variety of board games behind the bar, and I remember spending one evening a few months ago engrossed in a particularly competitive game of Scrabble (I won, of course – mwah ha ha!).

Food at The Brass Monkey

Last time I was at The Brass Monkey I only went in for a wee gin, so you’ve been spared my shaky food snaps (for now)! So, you’ll just have to take my word for it when I say that their food is a pretty safe bet. Their menu is perfectly suited for a good ol’ movie night – think burgers, pizzas and nachos. While this might sound like standard pub grub, the kitchen does like to put its own flare on things, as this evening’s specials board can attest:

The Brass Monkey food menu

The food prices are reasonable so if you are looking for a casual night with decent food and nice drink, then The Brass Monkey is certainly worth a punt. If you are keen to know what a plate of Brass Monkey food looks like,  then my friend over at The Bar Fly had a pretty impressive hot dog that’s bound to whet your appetite!


The sandwich board outside the Brass Monkey that shows the beers on offer

But if you want to just have a quiet drink, then The Brass Monkey is good for that too. I’m not a massive beer drinker, so no craft brews reviewed here I’m afraid, but according to the sandwich board above there is a decent offering for the discerning beer drinker (feel free to confirm or deny in the comments below!).

What I do enjoy, however, is a good cocktail. The Brass Monkey have a small but varied cocktail menu which you can find on little paper slips throughout the bar. At around £5 each, they cost slightly less than your average Edinburgh cocktail bar.

The cocktail menu of the Brass Monkey

So if you are looking for just a relaxing drink at the end of a long day, then The Brass Monkey on Leith Walk is worth a visit. Get a drink, grab a board game and settle down to a movie on the big screen. I struggle to think of a better way to spend a low-key Edinburgh evening.

You can find The Brass Monkey on Leith Walk, and is easily accessible by any bus that goes down that way, namely the 7, 10, 11, 12, 14, 16, 22, 25, 29 and 49.

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