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Canons’ Gait

The Canons’ Gait bar is located on the Royal Mile, but it has a great selection of drinks and an excellent menu. That, coupled with its excellent location, makes a great option for those who are visiting the city.

The outside sign of The Canons' Gait

I popped in with a few of my bug friends the other night specifically to do the pub quiz (which, by the way, is a brilliant way to spend a Tuesday evening) but I arrived a little early so decided that I would put the food menu through its paces while I was there.

Inside the Canons' Gait

The place has recently been refurbished, which you can tell by the clean cut look of it. The white and blue chairs have a little artistic scuffing, but overall the look is very slick.

Theres’s a selection of craft beers behind the bar, but not being a huge beer drinker I opted for an alcoholic ginger beer instead, which came in a very fancy glass:

Fancy cider glass

The selection on the menu is small and solid. Having gone through of a bit of a burger binge recently, I’ve tried to ween myself off patties and buns onto fish and chips instead. It might not be any healthier, but at least it’s different. 🙂

The food came quickly and I got a decent sized portion. The fish was perched on top of the chips and it came with a nice side of creamy minted peas and tartare sauce.

Fish and chips at the Canons' Gait

As far as fish and chips go, Canons’ Gait nailed it in my opinion. The batter was crispy and light, while the chips were big, chunky and well seasoned. However, the highlight for me was definitely the peas. Not being a huge fan of mushy peas, I usually take a couple of tentative mouthfuls before abandoning them, but the lovely creamy sauce mixed in with these was so moreish, I gobbled them all up at once!

My dining companion ordered a selection of small dishes from their starter menu, including a small portion of chips (pictured above), some black pudding and pork’s cheek, all of which he thoroughly enjoyed. Overall, we were very impressed with the Canons’ Gait food offering.

Incidentally, my team won some food vouchers in the following quiz. Needless to say I’ll be back for more fishy goodness very soon!

Canons’ Gait is located on the Royal Mile at 232 Cannongate, EH8 8DQ. You can get there directly on the 35 bus.

**UPDATE** I’m sorry to report that the pub quiz has been suspended indefinitely. Even though I’m sad I won’t be ever get a chance to win more vouchers, I’ll still be back for the fish and chips!  

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