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Is it sunny outside? Wow-wee! Sunny days can sometimes be hard to come by in Edinburgh, so hurry up and get outside to make the most of it!

Princes Street Gardens

If you find the hustle and bustle of the city getting all a bit too much, you can always retreat to one of Edinburgh’s most popular public parks: Princes Street Gardens. Marking the division between Old and New Town, this large and luscious green space is a haven for locals, a must-see for visitors and a hub for some of the city’s most exciting concerts and events.

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Portobello Beach

Whenever there is a glimmer of sunshine in Edinburgh, all the locals make a beeline for Portobello (aka Porty), our very own two mile stretch of golden sand. The area used to be a popular seaside holiday destination, and there is still reflections of that golden era on the promenade today, with an eclectic selection amusements, fish and chips, ice cream and retro sweet shops.

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Calton Hill

If you’ve ever looked at a postcard stand in Edinburgh, fair chances are that you have seen the view from Calton Hill. With the Dugald Stewart monument in the foreground, the silhouette of Edinburgh Castle in the background and the Balmoral Hotel and Princes Street in the middle, it basically checks off all the main sights in Edinburgh in one handy panorama. So go ahead and get that postcard, but nothing beats fetching that shot for yourself!

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The Royal Botanic Garden

Psst! I visited the Royal Botanic Garden in spring, when these pictures were taken. The gardens will be a fair bit different when you visit, depending on which time you go. Rest assured though, the gardens are gorgeous all year around! – The Edinbug

The Royal Botanic Garden, or “The Botanic Gardens”, or just “The Botanics”, are situated in Inverleith Park, to the north side of Stockbridge and around 20 minute walk from the city centre. You can enter either by the West Gate on Arboretum Place, or the East Gate on Inverleith Row. The Botanics are open from 10am, and shut at 6pm during the summer months, 4pm November to January and 5pm during the months of February and October.

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