Checkpoint, for me, was a place that was always on the radar. I had heard good things about it so when their PR folks reached out to me to try out their new seasonal menu, I was more than happy to oblige.

In the heart of the city’s student land, this place is pretty cool. The decor is minimalist while being a little gritty (complete with a full shipping container – I kid you not), full of young, hip happening people and a menu bursting with trendy ingredients such as freekeh, quinoa and kale.

Mr Bug and I went along on a weekday evening and even though it was cold and dark outside, the place was pretty full of happy punters giving it a warm and welcoming feel.





I was delighted to see that there were vegan options on the menu, and very clearly marked too. I went for the curried vegetable tempura served with béchamel sauce. How do they make dairy-free béchamel sauce, I hear you ask? With soy milk and vegan butter, with gram flour to thicken it up. And I’ll tell you what – it was glorious.


The hearty chunks of veg, including peppers, cauliflower and spring onion worked really well with the delicious sauce and it was so satisfying that I couldn’t finish it – even though I really wanted to!

Mr Bug, on the other hand, had the Checkpoint burger (definitely not vegan, I should add) although he wasn’t as impressed with it as I was with my meal. While it looked quite good, he said that both the patty and the bun were a little bit overdone for his liking.


Meanwhile, I made sure to leave room for dessert. As a vegan, I am usually relegated to the likes of fruit salad and sorbet for my final course, but I was delighted to see that there was a comforting blackcurrant and apple crumble served with coconut whip on the menu – irresistible on a cold and wet autumn night!


I was super chuffed with my crumble as well, once again you really couldn’t tell that it was dairy-free. The coconut whip was really creamy and the crumble itself had a lovely autumnal spice to it, which worked lovely with the blackcurrant and apple.

I really enjoyed the food at Checkpoint, their imaginative vegan options were a major plus for me. I would absolutely go again if I had some hip and cool friends in town, as the food and atmosphere really hits the spot for me.

Checkpoint can be found at 3 Bristo Place, EH1 1EY. It is easy to reach in Edinburgh’s city centre – simply walk along George IV Bridge and bear left at the Bedlam Theatre.

Many thanks once again to Checkpoint’s PR team for inviting me along!

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