Roasted vegetable fajitas

Chiquito at Fort Kinnaird

Mr Bug and I were asked by the folks at Fort Kinnaird if we wanted to try out Chiquito, one of the new restaurants that has opened fairly recently in the complex as part of the big revamp of the shopping centre. Having been before and being fairly impressed by the changes, I was excited to go back and see what else the new food offering had to offer.

Chiquito is a tex mex chain that has 87 restaurants across the UK, and is a fairly new addition to Fort Kinnaird. It’s right beside the new cinema too, so it’s the perfect spot to grab a bite to eat before you catch the latest movie at the Odeon next door.

Mr Bug and I popped in on a Tuesday night, and I thought it would be fairly quiet. Despite being an off-peak time, however, the place was pleasantly busy. The decor was bright and fun, and the general atmosphere of the place was laid back and relaxed.

Table at Chiquito

Chiquito menus

Light at Chiquito

Chiquito interiors

Hat hanging at Chiquito

Colourful chair at Chiquito

The menu at Chiquito has lots of options, and we were even provided with a separate gluten-free menu in case we needed it. Even the cocktail menu was full of varied concoctions, and it took me forever to decide what I wanted as I was tempted by so many of the options! I finally settled on the elderflower margarita, which was incredibly tasty.

While there wasn’t any vegan dishes on the menu, the helpful staff were happy to tweak and adjust their dishes and make suggestions for me. In the end I opted for the roasted vegetable fajitas, and swapped out the cheese and sour cream for a double helping of guacamole. I also ordered sweet potato fries and corn on the cob for sides – that along with the generous pile of roasted veggies, salsa and three tortillas made for a fantastic feast. Mr Bug, on the other hand, opted for the BBQ chicken flatbread which looked equally tempting.

Elderflower Margarita

Roasted vegetable fajitas

Chiquito Fajita Wrapper

Corn on the cob and sweet potato fries

BBQ Chicken Flatbread Wrap

I was a little bit full after all that, but I couldn’t resist finishing my meal with something sweet. The kitchen was unfortunately out of the sorbet, so the waitress suggested I try something a little different – slices of pineapple grilled with chilli flakes. To be honest I was a little bit unsure at first, but when I tried it I realised it was actually a really tasty combo. Mr Bug, meanwhile, opted for a nice and simple cup of tea!

Chilli pineapple dessert

Tea at Chiquito

Chiquito is a lovely chilled-out establishment in Fort Kinnaird, and is a great place to go if you fancy a taste of tex mex a wee bit out of town. With a great cocktail selection too, it’s the perfect spot to meet for a few drinks. A wonderful addition to the newly revamped Fort Kinnaird.

Chiquito can be found at Fort Kinnaird Shopping Centre, which is accessible from town on the 30 bus. Many thanks to Fort Kinnaird’s PR team who provided the meal at Chiquito for me to review. 

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