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Copper Blossom

It’s the George Street opening that everyone’s been talking about. Copper Blossom has only been open for about a month, but it seems like everyone and their best pal has stopped off for a cocktail there at least once. I’ve been in a couple of times and it has been packed every single occasion I’ve been there, so if you want to know what the big fuss is about, you better make sure to book a table.

After going to their opening party and being really impressed with the cocktails, I decided to take back one of my best friends to put the food menu through its paces. It was a Saturday night, so I had to book (naturally) but that was easy enough done over email a week in advance.

Copper Blossom is easy enough to spot from the street, considering it’s a basement venue. Just keep an eye out for the really floral bikes outside, and the beautifully painted stairwell down to the fairy-lit entrance below.

Inside Copper Blossom

Now I’m just going to put this out there – Copper Blossom is very girly. If you haven’t figured it out by the time you get to the front door, then by jove you’ll know it as soon as you get inside. There are flowers EVERYWHERE. Flowers on the tables, flowers on the chairs, heck even flowers in the drinks and on the food (but we’ll get to that in a moment).

I can imagine the decor is quite polarising, you’ll either love it or you’ll hate it, but I for one really like what they’ve done with the place. They’ve taken the feminine kitsch theme and really ran with it, from the quaint floral cushions to the cute little lampshades and retro soft chairs. There’s nothing else quite like it in the city.

Copper Blossom Remedial Action Cocktail

I had to start with a drink, so I opted for the ‘Remedial Action’, one of their bottled cocktails made with Tanqueray Gin and grapefruit. I tend to find that even though bottled cocktails have their merits, they generally arent as theatrical as their freshly-made counterparts, but this wasn’t the case at Copper Blossom!

The barmaid came over with a glass complete with a colourful flower inside (of course) and took a moment to spray it with a vanilla mist. I’d never seen anything like it before in my life, but she said it adds to the flavour and I must admit I did enjoy witnessing the extra flourish. The bottle was just as impressive, sealed off with bronze wax to make it look extra special.

After all that, I couldn’t wait to have a taste. It was delicious, but as with most bottled cocktails, it was very strong! It might not be to everyone’s taste, but it suited me just fine and I just gently nursed it while I was having my meal.

Haggis and potatoes

My friend revealed that she had never had haggis before(!) so I demanded this was rectified and luckily for us, there was haggis on the menu. Even though this is a traditional dish, Copper Blossom still managed to make it whimsical and delicate with a cute little floral garnish on the potato.

My friend, even though this was her first time eating haggis, really enjoyed her meal and found it very tasty. Her only complaint was that the portion was a little too big, but for most people I don’t think that will be an issue!

Copper Blossom Haddock

Meanwhile, I tried to order the battered fish and chips, but unfortunately it was off the menu for the evening. Instead, the waitress offered me an alternative of steamed haddock, black pudding and mashed potato that to be honest sounded more tempting than my original choice!

The dish looked absolutely beautiful when it came to my table and once again they had found a way to garnish it with yet another flower. I’m assuming they’re edible, but I left it to the side just in case!

The haddock and the black pudding were lovely, it was a great combination between the light white fish and the rich black pudding, however the mashed potato was a bit gritty for me. Unlike my dining buddy, I found the portion size absolutely perfect.

Sticky toffee pudding

We couldn’t leave Copper Blossom without trying one of their tempting desserts! My friend went for the sticky toffee pudding, and I must admit I had a little bit of food envy (until I saw mine, that is!). It went down really well, and said that it was surprisingly light for what is normally quite a sickly sweet dessert.

It looked really tempting from across the table, so I will probably give it a go myself when I go back!

Copper Blossom Chocolate Parfait

Meanwhile, I had the dark chocolate parfait with vanilla crème pâtissière. I’m pretty easily pleased when it comes to chocolate, so this was a surefire winner.

It was very sweet with a creamy texture, so it struck me more like  a milk chocolate parfait as opposed to dark, but it was very delicious nonetheless. The vanilla crème pâtissière in particular was very moreish!

Table at Copper Blossom

Now I’ve been in Copper Blossom a few times, I understand what the fuss is about – it’s something that’s really new and unique which has hit the city centre. Sure, there are other great cocktail bars in Edinburgh, but very few of them do what they do with the style and flourish of Copper Blossom.

For me, the drink and cocktail offering outshines the food menu at the moment, but I’m sure as things get bedded in they’ll be able to build on the running start they’ve already achieved. This could very possibly become THE destination for having cocktails with the girls in Edinburgh – just remember to book a table!

You can find Copper Blossom (website) at 107 George Street, EH2 3JS. It’s on the of the last street before the West End, Castle Street, under the basement of ESPC. 

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