Outside the new Fort Kinnaird

Date night at Fort Kinnaird

Last week Mr Bug took the 30 bus out of town, towards Newcraighall, and had a fabulous date night at the new and improved Fort Kinnaird cinema and restaurant complex.

I used to go to Fort Kinnaird quite a bit for shopping, as we lived quite close to it, however since I have moved a wee bit further way I haven’t been in a while. I knew there had been some developments made to the complex but I hadn’t had the chance to have a proper look, so when the folks at Fort Kinnaird got in touch and asked if Mr Bug and I wanted to give the new Odeon Cinema a try, I jumped at the chance.

When we got off the bus, the new area was pretty much unrecognisable. What I remember as a huge car park has been transformed into a robust food and entertainment venue, with a huge selection of restaurants and a large multiplex cinema.

We started proceedings with dinner at Five Guys. The burger chain came over from the UK two years ago and Fort Kinnaird is now home to their first and currently only branch in Edinburgh. We’d never been before so were quite excited to try it out (did I mention that I love burgers?!).

Five Guys Burger

The menu is pretty straightforward: you can choose from either a hamburger or hotdog, with various combos of cheese and/or bacon. There are also a couple of vegetarian options available (veggie sandwich or grilled cheese) but honestly, most of the punters go for the burgers.

I ordered a pretty simple sandwich: the simple beef patty with lettuce, tomato and mayo. They have fifteen toppings to choose from, all completely included in the price, which is a nice thoughtful touch.

I also ordered a regular fries, which Mr Bug and I found was plenty just to split between the two of us. Do not be fooled – the picture above only shows a TINY handful of the massive portion that we were given!

The drinks machine at Five Guys

The other aspect of the Five Guys dining experience that I found really intriguing was the drinks machine. Essentially you are given a cup, directed towards the dispenser and told to go nuts.

I had never seen anything like this before in my life, but this machine gives you tonnes of options to choose from, including lots of Fanta flavours I had never even heard of before – such as fruit punch, raspberry and cherry. There is also unlimited refills, so you can try as many flavours as you like! I personally liked the Fanta fruit punch, although the raspberry was good too.

All in all it made for a satisfying meal, so once we were suitably fed and watered we headed next door to the Odeon for our film.

Inside the new Odeon

The Odeon has been open for a couple of months now, but it was the first time that Mr Bug and I had paid them a visit since the revamp. You can tell that there has been a massive investment in this development, with seven screens and Dolby Atmos technology. I have no idea what that is – but Mr Bug says it is something to do with sound and quite a big deal… yet I’m still none the wiser!

The new foyer has everything you’d want from a cinema trip, including automated ticket pick up points and a well stocked concessions counter. They also have a Costa Coffee shop – where you can sit down and watch the world go by or, if you are so inclined, actually take your coffee into the movie screening!

For our film, we decided to see A Royal Night Out. It was a great movie that was a good laugh, a wee bit soppy but overall nice and easy watching. – perfect date material in my opinion. You can have a watch of the trailer below…

All in all Mr Bug and I had a wonderful evening. I sadly haven’t been to Fort Kinnaird as often as I would like to recently, simply because I wasn’t aware the extent of the improvements that had been made.

However, this new development has made the complex much more enticing and I will definitely be back for another evening of good food and entertainment soon!

Outside the new Fort Kinnaird

Many thanks to the folks at Five Guys, Odeon Cinema and Fort Kinnaird for kindly providing our meal, cinema ticket and refreshments.

Fort Kinnaird (website) is easily accessible on the 30 bus or, if you have a car, it is just off the Newcraighall Junction of the city bypass. 

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