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On a constant quest to find great places for lunch in the New Town, I was delighted to read about a new place that has recently appeared on the Edinburgh pizzeria scene: Dough on Rose Street.

Now, you could argue that pizzas in Edinburgh are pretty much sorted, with the likes of La Favorita and Origano taking care of that front very nicely, thank you very much. But, having tried this place a couple of times now, I believe that Dough really could become a legitimate competitor to these old Edinburgh favourites.

The first time I popped in was on a Friday lunchtime. Usually taking in my own bland packed lunch the rest of the week, I normally treat myself to a decent deli lunch on a Friday. I had spotted some chatter about the new opening online, so I popped in to try one of their salads.

Inside Dough

You can tell it is a new business as it does have a couple of teething problems, such as the bar doesn’t have an obvious queueing system, so someone who arrived after me got served before me (Harrumph!). Also, when I ordered my salad, I was given it all packaged up with the breadsticks on top, and told to help myself to dressings at the side.

After I fought through a gaggle of people who were still trying to order their food, I had to take my salad out of its packaging and put the dressing on myself. This was quite fiddly, and I ended up getting a bit of oil over the nice crunchy breadsticks, which was a bit of a pain. Hopefully these little issues will be ironed out after a couple of weeks, though.

Dough Salad

Despite my wobbly first impression, all was forgiven when I actually dug into my salad. It was a simple mix of spinach, basil, mozzarella and cherry tomatoes, but it worked extremely well, especially given that the cheese was so velvety and delicious (which they proudly told me comes from local farms).

I also loved the addition of dough breadsticks. They were perfectly seasoned and lovely, ideal for turning my salad into a little-bit-more-indulgent Friday treat!

The pizza on offer at Dough

I was so impressed that I called Mr Bug and asked him if he wanted to go for lunch with me again… the next day. Please don’t judge me! I loved the salad so much, I really wanted to try their hero product – the pizzas!

As you walk into Dough you’ll see a couple of pizzas already on the bar ready to go. You can either grab a slice from these or order a full pizza from the extensive menu to be made as you wait. For quickness, Mr Bug and I ordered a couple of ready made slices.

As he was heating up our pizza, the guy behind the counter explained to us that they make their dough fresh on the premises every day, and use local ingredients where they can for their food. That will explain the local cheese, then!

Our table outside at Dough

We were lucky to get a seat outside, as there are only three tables and boy do they fill up fast. It was a fairly warm day so a nice spot to watch the world go by, but I can imagine these tables will become less popular in the winter months!

Still, furnished with cute details like tomato cans, fresh herbs and a wooden pizza board, all in all eating my pizza there was a lovely experience.

Pepperoni and chicken pizza from Dough

Mr Bug had the pepperoni and chicken pizza, which he promptly slathered in tomato ketchup. He really enjoyed it, and said that he would have quite happily finished off an entire pizza by himself. The dough was light and crispy making for a satisfying meal that didn’t make us so full we hated ourselves (Pizza Hut – I’m looking at you).

Meanwhile, I nabbed the last slice topped with chicken, pancetta and roast potatoes. Again, just like the salad it was absolutely delicious. Chicken and pancetta is always a winning combo, but I particularly liked what they did with the potatoes. They seasoned them perfectly and chopped them up really small, so they added flavour to the pizza but didn’t overpower the texture of the dough, which you can sometimes find if you put large slices of potato on there.

Outside Dough

Overall, both visits to Dough get a big thumbs up from me. Yes there are a couple of little issues to be ironed out but the food is absolutely fantastic and they are clearly really passionate about what they do. I really hope these guys do well!

You can find Dough (website) at 172 Rose Street, EH2 4BE. Simply walk up Castle Street from Princes Street and turn left. After a couple of pubs, you’ll spot in on the left hand side. Once you smell the delicious oven-baked goodness, you’re there! 

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One thought on “Dough”

  1. My salad was also really tasty, but got 1/2 the bread sticks you did and no offer of dressing.

    They were also just about take my payment, when someone else came back in to pay for their order (as they hadn’t been asked to pay when they ordered) and so they just started serving him instead of me!

    The freshness and really creamy goats cheese does make you all this forgivable, but will be a really great place when they sort out these few issues.

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