Eggs with sausages at Earthy

Earthy Canonmills

This January I feel like I have been hiding away a little. I’ve definitely not been out as often as I would usually be, because I feel I have had to recover from all the festive madness in December and have been in the midsts of planning a wedding that is only (OH MY GOODNESS) seven weeks away. However, I did pop out for one meal with a friend, and I felt given my current mood and situation it had to be something wholesome. So we went to the delightful Earthy, which can be found in Canonmills.

Inside Earthy

Earthy is a fairly large premises, split into two areas: the restaurant, and the grocery shop. If you like what you eat, you can just hop through and get a lot of your healthy food supplies next door. Being a Sunday afternoon, the restaurant was relaxed and most punters were in for a lazy lunch or a wee cup of tea and a natter with friends.

If you have any food intolerances, Earthy has you covered. They cater for pretty much any kind of dietary requirement including vegetarian, vegan and gluten free. If you have any other needs then all you need to do is ask, and the friendly staff will try and help you out.

Mulled Wine at Earthy

Even though it was January, I decided to order a mulled wine with my lunch – because I am an adult, and I will do what I want! But in all seriousness, I really wanted something comforting after venturing out in the cold weather, so this hot steaming glass of loveliness was just the ticket.

The drink was fairly pricey – around £7 if I remember rightly – but once it came to my table I could see why. The drink was huge. I’m pretty sure there was at least a quarter of a bottle of red wine in there! Having said that, I still slurped down the lot. It was quite heavily spiced but I liked it, and it went great with the rest of my meal.

Sweet Potato Fritters

I had the sweet potato and quinoa fritters, which were served with a side salad and green tahini. The serving looked quite small initially when it came to my table but it still filled a whole. Being completely vegan as well, I felt that while these were really tasty,  there’s a small chance they might be quite good for me too!

Eggs with sausages at Earthy

Meanwhile, my friend had baked eggs with a spicy tomato sauce, Tuscan sausage, spinach and focaccia bread. I must admit, it looked incredible. The eggs were baked right in the pan, so the dish was quite hot when it came to the table, but I love dishes that are served like that!

The whole thing looked like a large serving to tackle, but my friend really enjoyed it. She found it quite satisfying and would definitely have it again.

weet potato, raisin and pecan slice

I couldn’t help finishing off my lunch with a sweet treat, so I indulged myself and got a sweet potato, raisin and pecan slice. Once again it was completely dairy free, but I wouldn’t have known if you hadn’t told me. The sponge was sweet and moist, topped off with deliciously sweet icing and a generous scattering of pecans.

After we settled the bill, we decided to have a peek around the grocery section of Earthy. Here you’ll find all sorts of whole food supplies, such as fruit, honey, grains, gluten free snacks and suchlike. I didn’t need anything from the shop, but that didn’t stop me from standing and staring longingly at the pastries for a moment before heading back out forlornly into the cold!

Earthy Pastries

I really love Earthy, it’s a fantastic food place and I love the fact it has so many dairy free options. It’s a bit of a coincidence but today I learned that the building where they are currently located it due to be demolished – here’s hoping they find a new home very soon. I’ll be back for another slice of that sweet potato, raisin and pecan cake!

You can find the Earthy restaurant (website) at 1-6 Canonmills Bridge,  Edinburgh EH3 5HA. You can get there on the 8, 23, 27 or 36 bus or, if you’re feeling spritely, you can walk there from the town centre in about half an hour.

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