Onion and Swede with Good King Henry Sauce

Edinburgh Food Studio

Edinburgh Food Studio is a fairly recent addition to the Edinburgh food scene. Launched by a really successful Kickstarter about a year ago, this establishment is part restaurant, part culinary school and I have been meaning to give it a go ever since it opened.

Eventually, I got my wish to try it out as a couple of my blogger pals (Ann from a Quirky Lifestyle and Emma from Edinburgh Feasts who have both managed to get their reviews up long before me – hah!) invited me to join them on their culinary quest on Dalkeith Road.

Table in Edinburgh Food Studio

Table Setting in Edinburgh Food Studio

Apple picture in Edinburgh Food Studio

Edinburgh Food Studio dons its ‘restaurant’ hat three times a week, but even then it’s far from your regular dining experience. There two large tables for punters and everyone dines at once, making it quite a communal affair.

The place is run by Ben Reade and Sashana Souza Zanella, who were both there on the night preparing and serving the dishes. Apparently Ben worked for a while in Copenhagen and you can recognise the Nordic influence as soon as you walk in with the Scandinavian decor.

There are no menus here – it’s a set seven-course menu where the only clues of what you are about to eat are ingredients scribbled on the whiteboard at the back of the restaurant. I love this style of dining, and putting my faith in the hands of the Edinburgh Food Studio team I eagerly tucked into my first course, which was a tomato, broad bean, chanterelle and leek salad.

Tomato, broad bean and leek salad

Onion and Swede with Good King Henry Sauce

The second course was a swede, squash and onion with good king henry sauce. I was a bit nervous about having to find room for seven whole courses but thankfully the dishes up until this point had been quite light but also incredibly delicious – and photogenic too!

Up until this point, I had been served a vegan version of what my omnivore chums had been eating but obviously when it came to the fish and meat courses my meal took a slightly different direction to the meat eater’s.

Oat cakes

Monkfish and potato

Pumpkin seed risotto

While my dining companions munched on monkfish, I had three gorgeous grain cakes that were served with beach herbs and new potato. While they were really tasty, the next course was my favourite of the entire night: a beautiful pumpkin seed skirlie that was served with a forager’s salad.

Foraging and using what is local and in-season is clearly a key priority for Edinburgh Food Studio. Sure, it means that the food they serve may look a little unlike what you find at other homogenous establishments, but it was a thrilling experience and I love the idea that all these gorgeous tastes are freely available in Scotland, right now.

Cherry Granita

Raspberry sorbet with heather honey

Next up was the cherry granita, which for the omnivores was served with a creamy custard. The granita on its own was a little too tart for my tastes, but paired with the sweet custard my dining companions found it quite tasty.

I enjoyed the next sweet course a lot more, which was a raspberry sorbet served with a chunk (yes, you read that right) of heather honey. I have never eaten honey like that before and while I am not sure if I prefer it to its runny counterpart, I am glad I gave it a go.

We finished off our evening with a seabuckthorn and spruce jelly cube, which acted sort of a palate cleanser. The whole thing cost £35 (plus extra for drinks) which I thought was incredible value for money. With in-season food changing all the time, I am really keen to go back and see what the folk at Edinburgh Food Studio come up with next.

Edinburgh Food Studio (website) is at 158 Dalkeith Road, Edinburgh EH16 5DX – about 10-15 minutes out of the city centre on the 2, 14, 30 or 33 bus. It’s open for dinner on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

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