The bar of Fishers Bistro

Fishers Bistro, Leith

If you  find yourself in Leith and love your fish – then you, my friend, are in for a treat! This area of Edinburgh is a buzzing hub of bars and restaurants, but the scene is very much dominated by seafood. It’s hardly surprising, being one of the largest ports in Scotland, but you can barely move for all the fine seafood establishments you can find around here.

One such place is Fishers Bistro, which you’ll find on The Shore. This area is famed for its wide range of quality restaurants, and Fishers Bistro is no exception.

Fishers Bistro menu

I recently went with some colleagues (yes I do have a day job!) for some lunch and they were very accommodating with our requests – some of us just fancied a bowl of soup, while others went all out with the three course meal!

Fishers Bistro has a fairly informal setting, with some quirky touches here and there. For example, the bar is kept under the watchful eye of a huge floating mermaid, and you can see drawings of Neptune on the wall.

Fishers Bistro Inside

I was just after a spot of lunch, so I ordered a bowl of the fish soup. I’d heard nice things about the Fishers Bistro soup, so I thought I would give it a try. You can order two sizes, depending on how hungry you are. The bowl, which is around £6 – £7, is perfect for a small lunch. Or if you would rather save your appetite for a larger meal, you can have the cup which is a smaller portion and also a pound or two cheaper.

Fishers Bistro fish soup

The soup was lovely. It had a nice creamy consistency, and was seasoned well to compensate for the natural saltiness of the fish. There wasn’t any shellfish in there, as far as I could see, but not being a huge fan of it myself, that was absolutely fine by me. Its served with a hearty side of bread, which I used to mop up the last remnants from the bottom of the bowl.

My friend and colleague ordered the small portion of the fishcakes. They looked small on the plate – but do not be deceived! The buggers are quite tall so are actually more filling than you might originally give them credit for. It wasn’t all bad though. It did mean that she ordered a side plate of chips, couldn’t finish them all, and gave the rest to me! 😀

Fishers Bistro Fishcakes

Fishers Bistro is a great place for a bit of lunch, but they have a great menu for dinner too. If you want to try some of Scotland’s fantastic seafood, then this is a decent place to start.

Fishers Bistro can be found at 1 The Shore, EH6 6QW. You can take the 16, 22, 35 or 36 to the bridge and then walk up the cobbled street from The Granary. It’s about a 10-15 minute bus ride from the city centre. 

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