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If you like Mums on Forrest Road, then you will love Frontier, which has recently opened in the buzzing area of Bruntsfield. Specialising in American food, this restaurant has all the old favourites, such as burgers, hit dogs, mac and cheese, as well as some more unusual dishes…

Frontier's menu in the windowAs you walk in, you’ll think you’ve entered a Wild West movie. With raw wooden tables, sheepskin covered chairs and posters of eagles on the walls, the decor literally screams ‘MERICA!

The friendly staff are likely to greet you as soon as you walk in the door. Last time I was there we went quite early so the place was pretty empty, although as the night went on and we ate our meal, more and more people started filling up the tables around us.

The interiors of FrontierThis place does a pretty good breakfast, but most of the time I go for dinner. Any time we have visitors, we always suggest this place as an alternative to Hard Rock Cafe on George Street.

This time around we went with Mr Bug Senior (i.e. Mr Bug’s dad), who was quick to make fun of my food picture taking – I guess he doesn’t quite grasp the lucrative nature of blogging – ha!

Macaroni cheese at FrontierHe ordered the macaroni cheese, which he said he had pretty much decided before he had walked through the door. I’ve had mac and cheese at their sister restaurant, Mums, before, and if it’s anything like the one there, it’s pretty good. Mr B snr. seemed to enjoy it, his only complaint was that the accompanying “fries” were too thin and flimsy, something he wouldn’t have found in an actual American diner.

The epic Frontier burger

Mr Bug made a beeline for the Frontier burger, as per usual, which was accompanied with coleslaw, fries and barbecue sauce. He’s never disappointed by this place, and this time around was no exception. If you are really hungry and craving a real big eat, then you really can’t go wrong with the burgers in this place. That, or the hotdog, which we didn’t get this time around, but is equally impressive!

The citrus steamed catfish at FrontierFinally, there’s only one thing I order when I come to Frontier, and that’s the orange steamed catfish with salsa verde. The first time I ordered it, I felt like trying something a bit different. But now, I rarely order anything else. When it first comes out, it is wrapped up in a foil parcel, so when you open it you are hit by that glorious citrus aroma. The fish itself is fairly meaty, but still light enough that I can polish off the whole thing and not need my stomach pumped afterwards! The salsa is fresh and tangy, which makes a perfect accompaniment to the fish. Like everything else, the dish is served with “fries”, which might not be Mr B senior’s cup of tea, but are perfectly fine for me.

If you still have room for it, which we unfortunately did not on this particular evening, you should sneak a peak at the dessert menu, which mainly consists of daily specials such as “pie of the day”. They also have a wide range of thick indulgent milkshakes, which you should definitely try if you are so inclined.

Frontier is a slice of decent American food in the heart of Edinburgh, and is a welcome addition to Bruntsfield’s already thriving food scene.

You’ll find Frontier at 8 Gillespie Place, EH10 4HS. You can get there on the 10, 11, 16, 27 and 45 bus

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