Neon sign at the entrance of Hoot the Redeemer

Hoot the Redeemer

It may be February now, but I am still writing about all the cool places that I visited during Christmas. Seriously, festive season 2015 was such a busy time for me! Anyway, I met a friend in Hoot the Redeemer on the 23rd December, when most people had broken up from work and everyone was full of the Christmas spirit. We just stopped by for a couple of drinks and a catch up, so our visit was quite short and sweet.

The bar is run by the same people who run Panda and Sons, which is reflected in its fairly obscure exterior. With only a red door and a mysterious palmistry sign as the only clues to its location, it can be quite hard miss. However, if you keep a keen eye and walk through the bright door and down the stairs, you’ll find a fun and quirky bar that has plenty to set it apart from other cocktail establishments in Edinburgh.

The mural at Hoot the Redeemer

Owl picture at Hoot the Redeemer

Fun beer taps at Hoot the Redeemer

The interior is quite fun and quirky, although I am struggling to describe the theme in just a few words… it’s a little bit 50’s, a little bit seaside funfair, a little bit gypsy-tarot-palm-readery, and a little bit owl-y. Whatever it is, it’s really unique and it’s hard not to get swept up in the fun of it all, at least for a while.

It’s not just the design that sets this place apart, though. The drinks menu is quite unusual as well, with fun alcoholic ice creams (Señor Scoop), slushies (Capt’n Hoot) and a funfair-style claw machine (Pinch ’n’ Sip) that lets fate decide your drink – put in a couple of quid and try grabbing one of the balls that has a cocktail voucher inside.

The menu at Hoot the Redeemer

The Ice Cream Machine at Hoot the Redeemer

Grabber machine at Hoot the Redeemer

I wanted to have a bit of fun but I didn’t like all the effort involved in the claw machine, so I opted for one of the Capt’n Hoot slushies. At £6 it was one of the cheaper options on the cocktail menu, but the serving was still a bit small for my liking. However, the cup was very cute and the drink – made with gin,  lillet blanc, blue curaçao and lemon juice – was refreshing and delicious.

My pal also treated me to a drink off their regular cocktail menu – I have no idea what it was but it certainly looked the part and was very tasty.

One of the slushie drinks at Hoot the Redeemer

Cocktail at Hoot the Redeemer

I certainly enjoyed my visit to Hoot the Redeemer. Yes, there are a few gimmicks, but they are quite fun for a little while. I don’t think I would spend an entire night there , but it is certainly a good place for a drink or two to get the night started. It’s a quirky place that’s well worth a visit.

You can find Hoot the Redeemer (website) right in the centre of town, at 7 Hanover Street, EH2 2DJ. Walk up Hanover Street on the right hand side and you’ll spot it next to Miss Selfridge – just keep an eye out for the mysterious palmistry and tarot readings sign…

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