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I do love a wander around Grassmarket. I don’t do it as often as I like, but this cute little area in the Old Town is home to a fascinating history and some fab independents shops, restaurants and cafes. As I was doing a little bit of window shopping last weekend, Mr Bug and I popped into one of my favourite spots in this area: Hula Juice Bar.

A hugely popular joint in the Grassmarket, Hula is always busy when I go inside. As the name suggests, Hula Juice Bar do a fab range of juices and smoothies, but they also do a brilliant range of healthy food, so it’s the perfect place to pop in for a bite of lunch if you’re watching the ol’ waistline!

Hula Menu

They apparently do a mean breakfast too, but I’ve never been in the area early enough to take advantage of that offering. Maybe one day I’ll be lucky, but in the meantime keep an eye out for it – it looks like a great wholesome way to start the day.

Pink Lady

Anyway, back to our lunch! You simply can’t go to Hula Juice bar without ordering a juice, so I ordered a Pink Lady. Made from apple juice with lemon, lime and ginger, this is a deliciously refreshing concoction that perked me up after a tiring morning walking around the old town.

It was quite sweet, but had a bit of a sour tang to it with the lemons and limes making it moreishly drinkable. It was a bit of a struggle actually, trying to savour it and not just to gulp it down in one go!

Cajun Chicken Wrap

Mr Bug had a bottle of water (booooring!) with his cajun chicken wrap. His verdict? “It’s alright considering there’s vegetables on my plate”. That’s quite a compliment for a place like this to get, and to be fair he did polish off the wrap in its entirety… but he did leave accompanying salad untouched (I may have picked at it a little though)!

Chana Dahl

Meanwhile, I had the not-very-photogenic-but-very-delicious veggie special: chana dahl. Dahl is a lentil-based curry and this was laced with chickpeas. Lentils and chickpeas are my favourite things in the world, so it was a no brainer to go for this!

I was not disappointed. This dish was so satisfying, beautifully spiced and really flavourful. It came with a small serving of yoghurt but I didn’t touch it, the curry did absolutely fine on its own without it.

Outside Hula

As you can see, Hula is a great wee cafe that is fantastic for a wholesome pick-me-up. Go for the juice, stay for the yummy food. They also appear at the odd market now and then, so keep an eye out for them when you are out and about!

Hula Juice Bar (website) is at 103-105 West Bow, Grassmarket, EH1 2JP.  Walk down the beautifully picturesque Victoria Street and you’ll spot it on the right hand side just before you reach the Grassmarket.  

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