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Leith Chop House

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to try out the newly opened Leith Chop House on Constitution Street. This part of town has some amazing food and drink spots already, so I was keen to go along and see if this new establishment would fit in with the strong foodie scene.

As we arrived, we were immediately offered some drinks to start us off.  They are really passionate about their drinks here, with a quirky cocktail menu, a long wine list and a selection of craft beers on draft that will change every so often as the staff spot new things. They even have their own beer, which comes in a small glass bottle with the Leith Chop House branding.

The drinks available at Leith Chop House

The barman said he would like to make us something savoury, and I must admit, that made me feel a bit nervous. I’m not a huge fan of savoury cocktails, and Mr Bug doesn’t really like cocktails at all, but nonetheless I ordered a bloody mary and Mr Bug asked for a lemon martini.

Well, we were both really pleasantly surprised. My bloody mary was delicious, and not too spicy, while Mr Bug really enjoyed his tart lemon cocktail (which I think was called the Charterhouse, as far as I can remember).

However, my favourite drink of the day was the Rose Blues (bottom left in the picture above). Not only did it look absolutely gorgeous, it was really delicious too. It had a slight hint of sweetened vinegar in it, which I know on paper might make some people squirm, but trust me when I say it definitely gave it a moreish edge – don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!

Inside Leith Chop House

As we were supping our drinks, the owners gave us a tour around the establishment. There are two distinct areas – the bar area and the restaurant space up the back where people eat.

The place was designed by a local interior firm and I would love them to come and do up my place too! I loved everything about it – the colour scheme, the bespoke tables, the lighting, the candle holders on the tables, even the font on the signs hanging off the beer taps – I loved it all. A very clean, minimalist look with just a hint of hipster. I really like how they’ve done it up.

Meat in the fridge of Leith Chop House

We also stopped by the fridge where the meat is kept, which is in plain sight of all the diners. The owners were keen to tell us where they source all their beef, and that they go to intense lengths to make sure each cut is perfect. There is a trained butcher in-house, and they have a custom made open flame grill to give the meat a unique smoked flavour.

Well, as you can imagine, Mr Bug and I were getting quite hungry at this point, so we sat down to eat.

The corned beef starter at Leith Chop House

To start, Mr Bug had the corned beef. I personally thought that was a bit of a weird thing to have as a starter, but he was pretty happy to see it on the menu – “I like corned beef”, he said “what can go wrong?”

Indeed you really can’t go wrong with corned beef, and Mr Bug had no problem clearing his plate, saying that it was a good way to start off his meal.

Butternut squash starter

Meanwhile, I had the roasted butternut squash with heritage carrots, chickpea fritters and a spiced hazelnut sauce. It was really lovely. Even though it is a meat place, this veggie starter was great and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The creamy sauce went well with the comforting flavours of the squash and the carrot, but it wasn’t too heavy. Good thing too – as we were saving ourselves for the main event!

The roast dinner at Leith Chop House

We both had the roast made with Aberdeen Angus rump steak, served with roast potatoes, creamed cabbage, root vegetables and a yorkshire pudding. The steak was lovely, cut really thinly but cooked really well, not overdone at all. You could really taste the extra flavour from the open flame grill, but apart from that it tasted like a good wholesome roast not unlike something you would get at your Grannie’s house!

Leith Chop House Sides

For sides, we had some macaroni cheese and big chunky chips cooked in beef dripping. The chips, again, reminded me of something I would get in my Gran’s house with the beef dripping making for a really homely flavour, while the macaroni cheese seemed to be a twist on the traditional recipe. I’m not sure if was a different cheese they used, but it didn’t taste like your usual mac ‘n’ cheese. Still, it was creamy, it was comforting, so I still loved it.

Leith Chop House Sticky Toffee Pudding

By this point, Mr Bug and I were beginning to falter a bit, but we still had dessert to go! I ordered the sticky toffee pudding, which came with pecan ice cream and toffee sauce. It was fairly light for being a pudding, and the sauce was really nice too. Unfortunately by this point I was pretty stuffed, so I had to declare defeat before I had a chance to tackle the ice cream.

Leith Chop House Chocolate Fudge Cake

Meanwhile, Mr Bug had this rather sexy looking chocolate fudge number with peanut brittle and salted caramel ice cream. It was very rich, to the point of being really quite gooey and mostly liquid inside, but it was still really tasty.

Special mention must be given to the accompanying ice cream, which was absolutely incredible. I only managed to sneak a wee taste off Mr Bug’s plate, but to be perfectly honest I could have eaten an entire bowl of the stuff. I’d order this dessert again, just for this salted caramel deliciousness!

Inside Leith Chop House

Leith Chop House looks like it will settle in quite nicely to Leith’s fab foodie scene. The passion they have for both their food and drink really shines through, and their effortlessly cool interior mean that it is bound to be a hit with those hip Leith types. If you want some decent comfort food that just tastes good, then this certainly is a solid option.

You can find Leith Chop House (website) at 102 Constitution Street, EH6 6AW. Get the 22 bus to the Foot of the Walk then walk up from there, or the 16 will take you pretty much right to the front door.

Many thanks to Leith Chop House for providing Mr Bug and I with our delicious meal! 

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