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Mimi’s Bakehouse

There are very few people who live in Edinburgh that haven’t heard of Mimi’s Bakehouse. It’s a bit of an institution around these parts, and for good reason. Their belly-busting cakes and traybakes are absolutely legendary, and if you want to make an instant friend out of me, just treat me to one of their afternoon teas!

Inside Mimis

Even without the mouthwatering sweet treats, Mimi’s just looks the part. The interiors are very cute inside, with plenty of bunting, doodle-y wallpaper and lavish furnishings throughout.

When it first opened, only the front area was open to the public, however as their business quickly boomed, Mimi’s family extended the dining area to reach right through to the back.

Inside Mimis

You’ll find the cute little details everywhere, from the quirky wee quotes and signs to the sweet little knick-knacks they sell at the door. While Mimi’s looks extremely girly on the surface, there are still plenty of blokes that come here, simply because the food is so good!

Towards the left hand side of the cash desk, you’ll find all their delicious cakes and traybakes of the day on display. Be sure to have a good look at these before you sit at down at your table – believe me. you are bound to be tempted by something.

Mimis Cakes

I jump for joy when I see the red velvet cake (not pictured here, unfortunately it wasn’t on that day), it is definitely my absolute favourite! It is a wonderfully moist, sweet and flavoursome cake, that is always covered with lashings of moreish buttercream.

Be warned though, Mimi’s is not a place for small appetites. If you order a slice of cake, you WILL get a proper massive slab of cake – so leave your diet at the door!

Coconut Chicken

While Mimi’s are probably best known for their cake and other baked goodies, they also do a mighty fine ‘lavish lunch’. Last time I was there I had the crispy coconut chicken, which is probably one of the lightest things on the menu, but still pretty filling.

The delicate strips of chicken was served with a side of generous salsa and salad, however it’s the sweet and sticky chilli sauce that goes really well with this dish and makes it one of my favourite lunches on the menu.

Cookies and cream traybake

On this particular visit, I had really good intentions to leave without getting anything sweet… but as I was squaring up at the cash desk I could hear the cookies and cream traybake calling my name. It took me literally seconds to succumb to the temptation and before I knew it I was buying a “wee” (i.e. huge) slice for the road.

Just like the cakes, the traybakes at Mimi’s don’t disappoint. The cookies and cream slice was made from chunky pieces of biscuit and  very sweet caramel-ly stuff. Topped off with a white chocolate style topping and large pieces of Oreo cookies, this sweet treat will definitely keep you going for a while! In fact, I usually eat half, put it away for a bit, and eat the other half later. Even for a sweet tooth like me, it’s really hard to eat it all in one go!

Outside Mimis

So yes, you can say Mimi’s Bakehouse is a bit of an Edinburgh legend in Edinburgh, but that status is completely well deserved. The cakes here are amazing and the savoury stuff isn’t so bad either. Pair that with the charming atmosphere and I would say that this is a must-visit while you’re in Edinburgh, even if you’re just here for a day or two. I completely believe that the more people get to taste the wonderfulness of Mimi’s cake, the better place this world would be! 😉

You can find Mimi’s Bakehouse (website) at 63 Shore, Leith, Edinburgh EH6 6RA. Easiest way to get there is on the 22 bus, get off as soon as you reach The Shore (the lovely picturesque cobbled street that runs along the Water of Leith). 

Of course, if you don’t fancy trekking all the way to Leith, you can always pop in at the Mimi’s Picnic Parlour on the Royal Mile… but we’ll come to that one another time… 

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