Across from The Edinburgh Playhouse you’ll find the bright and colourful Pomegranate, which specialises in Middle Eastern cuisine. Its location and fine menu makes it a fantastic option for a pre-theatre meal, and that’s exactly what Mr Bug and I did last time we decided to pay a visit.

Inside Pomegranate

Pomegranate’s interior is bright and colourful, with lots of little Middle Eastern details like glass lamps having from the ceiling and eclectic artwork.

As we arrived a little early for dinner service, it was a little quiet when we first went in, however it started to fill up as we were enjoying our meal.

A selection of mezze from Pomegranate: Batata Harra, Soujuk and tabbouleh

Pomegranate do an excellent pre-theatre mezze deal, with three small dishes per person at a fixed price per head (currently £11). Mr Bug and I jumped at the chance, as it is a great way to sample lots of the different dishes on offer. After some deliberation, I picked from the menu the soujuk, battata harra and the tabbouleh (pictured above).

Battata harra (above, bottom left) is cubes of potato fried in spices. The were lovely, with a little kick to them but not too spicy. The cooling tabbouleh (bottom right) balanced it off nicely as a parsley salad with bulgar wheat and lemon.

The soujuk (top) is a Lebanese sausage stew with tomatoes, peppers and garlic. I did enjoy a couple of bites but Mr Bug really took a shine to this dish, finishing off the majority of it.


Mr Bug played it safe and ordered the falafel, which is always going to be a solid bet in places like these. The falafel was indeed really good, and served with a lovely creamy dip pictured above.

Baly Merishke chicken wings

He also ordered the baly merishke chicken wings, which he really enjoyed. I’m not a huge fan of wings myself, but the barbecued, smoky lemon flavour went down really well with him. Even though he wouldn’t admit it himself, I’m sure Mr Bug would easily have put away another plateful!

Vegetarian kubba

My favourite dish of the evening was the vegetarian kubba, which is spiced vegetables encased in a crushed rice paste. They were absolutely lovely. Mr Bug was the one that ordered them initially, but once he realised there was dried fruit in it (there are a couple of raisins in the filling) he pushed them away. Seen as he had the lion’s share of my soujuk, I felt no remorse whatsoever wolfing these bad boys down!

Outside Pomegranate

For good value Middle Eastern food in a decent location, you can do a lot worse than Pomegranate. If you’re new to the cuisine, try out the tapas style mezze dining to try several dishes at once and get a feel for what you like. Now that I have discovered the unadulterated joy that is kubba, I will definitely be back for a full plate’s worth!

You’ll find Pomegranate (website here) across the road from Taste of Italy at 1 Antigua Street, EH1 3NH. Get the bus to Elm Row, which is served by plenty of buses: 7, 10, 11, 12, 14, 16, 22, 25, 26, 44 and 49.

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