Red Box

Red Box

The other night after work I had the hankering for some noodles. There are plenty of decent noodle places in town but Red Box is definitely one of my favourites. What you see is what you get with Red Box – no fuss, no muss. And it’s pocket friendly too which just before payday certainly worked in its favour!

Inside Red Box

Being so good value for money and in the shadow of Bristo Square makes it a popular choice for students – so even on an early evening on a Tuesday the place was fairly busy. It wasn’t any struggle getting a seat, but just be prepared to put up a fight if you decide to go during the peak rush lunch hour or even during the August Festivals.

The bar at Red Box

No table service here – once you’ve decided what you want you go up to the bar at the back and pick out your meat, noodles and veggies from the selection laid out in front of you.

At Red Box you are entirely in control of your noodle dish. You pick the types of noodles you want, the meat you want (that is, if you want meat) and the veggies to go alongside. Finally choose what sauce you want and you’re good to go.

Line up at Red Box

Your server will then line your noodles up with all the fresh ingredients ready to be cooked. This is your opportunity to order some sides – we decided to get some spring rolls and pork dumplings. The whole meal, including two noodle dishes, two sides and two drinks came to £16, which I thought was incredibly good value for money.

Red Box Starters

The dumplings and the spring rolls were great. The spring rolls were my favourite, because I’m not a huge fan of the pork that you get in dumplings like these, but Mr Bug was more than happy to take them off my hands. He particularly liked the sweet chilli sauce which accompanied the dish for dipping, along with the portion of soy sauce.

Red Box Rice Noodles

Mr Bug had the rice noodles with BBQ sauce, which was on special that day. Each portion of noodles come in a traditional takeaway box, and you have the option to eat them with chopsticks or a fork (this picture was taken before he had given up on the chopsticks)!

Ramen at Red Box

Meanwhile I had the ramen noodles with chicken, broccoli, peppers and satay sauce. I like ramen because it is quite filling, and it goes well with the nutty, rich and slightly spicy satay gravy. The noodle box comes to you steaming hot and you get a generous portion – certainly I was stuffed after I had mine!

If you’re wanting a crowd pleasing cheap eat, then you can’t go wrong with Red Box. Their menu is excellent value for money and their “build your own” menu system means that you can have your perfect noodle dish, every time. It’s a fab wee place and I heartily recommend it!

Red Box is  on 51 West Nicolson Street, EH8 9DB. As you’re going up Nicolson Street, turn right at the Scotmid to the University. It’s on that street on the right hand side of that street, just opposite the Peartree.

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