The outside of Reverie

The Reverie

Right beside Apiary on Newington Road¬†you’ll find the bar and bistro Reverie, which offers great food and a comfortable spot to just chill and have a pint.

Mr. Bug and I popped in just after New Year, so the place was still covered in lavish Christmas decorations, which I felt only added to its charm. It’s only a shame that I spotted the staff starting to put them away when we were leaving. ūüôĀ Oh well – until next year!

The inside of Reverie

Still, Reverie is a perfect place to chase away the January blues. It has a traditional pub vibe to it, which gives it a nice relaxing atmosphere. We huddled by the heaters at a table by the window, which was a lovely place to watch the world go by.

We decided to treat ourselves to a spot of lunch, as the menu looked varied and reasonably priced. ¬†Whether you go for lunch or dinner, Reverie has a good selection of big eats or just small snacks, especially for those who were trying to gain back some ground after¬†too much¬†festive indulgence… (cough, cough).

Soup, bread and butter

Mr Bug had a small soup of the day, which was made from sweet potato. It came with a slice of bread and was hearty enough to satisfy him for the afternoon despite it being a “small” portion.

I, on the other hand, ordered the Thai fish dumplings. I had asked¬†large portion (I was hungry – don’t judge me!) but the kitchen accidentally sent out a small (pictured below). However, they realised their mistake before I did and were swift in bringing me out another helping, which¬†effectively doubled my serving.

Thai salmon cakes at Reverie

The dumplings were unlike anything I had tried before. Being inherently Scottish, I was expecting something laden with potato and breadcrumbs, however these were made of something closer to a salmon mousse. They had quite a nice texture, and although the flavour was a touch on the salty side for me, I still polished them all off enthusiastically!

They also came with a small side salad, which featured peppers, spring onion and a delicious sweet thai chilli dressing. For me, that part was my favourite bit of the dish, and I would order that again for the salad alone!

All in all, the Reverie was an excellent place for lunch, and I would really love to go back at some point to see what their dinner menu has to offer.

You can find the Reverie at 1-5 Newington Road, EH9 1QR. Buses that pass by include the 3, 5, 7, 8, 29, 31, 37, 47 and 49. You can also get the 2, 30 or 33, which stop right around the corner on East Preston Street. 

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