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Recently I was asked by the lovely folks at Zomato to try the new menu at Ricks as part of a blogger meetup. I love these things as I get to chat to other fabulous Edinburgh bloggers and also get my teeth into some delicious new nosh, which is something I can never turn down!

Zomato is a fab little website and app that lists pretty much every food place in Edinburgh, from greasy spoons all the way to fine dining. They pride themselves in having up to date and accurate menus for all these establishments, which is no mean feat. I live by this app and I use it all the time to do my fact checking and to get new inspiration for places to eat.

Zomato Screengrab
A cheeky wee screen grab from the site

The guys behind Zomato are really sweet and invite me to these exciting shindigs every once in a while, but I’ll happily admit that the site is so good that I would still be addicted to it regardless (although let’s not tell them that, heh!).

Also, did I mention that I am currently the  #2 ranked blogger and #4 ranked foodie on the Edinburgh site? Not that I am keeping track or anything like that…. 😉

Tanqueray gin, Alize Rose liquer, lemon juice, marshmallow syrup, egg white, rhubarb bitters

ANYWAY me and my new found blogger chums were greeted with a cocktail from Ricks on arrival. The Woodland Fox (thanks for reminding me of the name, Hannarchist!) was a rich yet refreshing concoction of Tanqueray gin, Alize Rose liquer, lemon juice, marshmallow syrup, egg white and rhubarb bitters.

I know some people can get a bit funny about egg whites in cocktails, but I think it can give them a great texture and it worked especially well in this boyo – making it perfect for sipping away on a long summer evening (if the Scottish summer ever decides to grace us with any – that is!).

Salmon with quails egg

Next it was time to order our food. The head chef, John, came out to talk us through the menu, which I absolutely love. I’ve had the pleasure of being talked through the menu once before at Steak, and its great to see the passion that comes through. It quickly became  clear that the folk in the kitchen at Ricks are excited about the food they serve and they know their onions – literally (ba-doom-tish)!

Anyway. I was leaning towards the pig cheek to start, but when I heard John talk about the precise time they take to cook the quails egg to perfection, I swayed towards that served with smoked salmon, beetroot dressing and carrot slaw.

Well, the attention to detail certainly paid off, as the egg was perfectly cooked with a wee bit of runny yolk in the middle. Overall it was a good light way to start the meal and I’m definitely glad I had a change of heart at the last minute!

Chicken with green lentils and salsa

Next up I had the chicken with green lentils and tomato salsa. I always feel bad when I order the chicken option, as I sometimes feel it can be a bit bland and boring – but not so in this case! The green lentils and tomato salsa were absolutely delicious and not boring in the slightest.

The chicken was on the bone, and sometimes I struggle when it’s not just a simple chicken breast (the joys of being an ex-vegetarian I suppose!) but it didn’t really bother me as the meat was cooked so well and seasoned excellently. It was so good that I when return to Ricks, I will probably have this dish again.

Salted caramel and chocolate tart

For pudding I had the chocolate and salted caramel tart. I really don’t know where to start with this one… it was delicious and moreish but ohmygoodness was it rich! Like, the richest dessert I have ever had. And I have had some very rich desserts in my time.

I hate leaving food on my plate so I powered right through to the end… but if you ever have this dessert then I recommend you get a buddy to give you a hand, as I’m not sure so much chocolatey goodness can actually fit into one person!

Floral Negroni Cocktail at Ricks

Finally, as an aperitif we had one of Ricks famous bottled cocktails. These bad boys are concocted and then put into the fridge to infuse for over a month or so, making for a very unique and well loved drink!

We had the Floral Negroni, which was made of Hendricks gin, Aperol and Lillet Blanc. You could definitely taste the time it had taken to mix and infuse, as it tasted a little bit stronger than your regular cocktail, however it worked wonderfully as an aperitif and was a fantastic way to finish up the meal.

Outside Ricks

Thanks again to Zomato and Ricks for hosting a fantastic blogger meetup. It was great to get to know the new menu and if you fancy a good meal at a decent price in the New Town, then Ricks is definitely a solid option.

You can find Ricks (website) at 55A Frederick Street, EH2 1LH. Simply walk up Frederick Street from Princes Street and you’ll find it on the right hand side after you cross George Street, just up the road from Cairngorm Coffee.

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