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For the third and final part of my Edinburgh’s Hogmanay #blogmanay adventure, I spent New Years Day exploring hidden pockets of the Old Town as part of Scot:Lands – an intriguing collection of music, art and drama guaranteed to get your New Year off to a cultured start.

Out of everything I have done so far for #blogmanay, this was really the only event where I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. To be perfectly frank, I’ve never really got out bed on New Year’s Day before, never mind gone into town and took part in an event like this!

Home:Lands - The beginning of Scot:Lands

Even though I was still pretty tuckered out from the madness that was the Street Party the night before, Scot:Lands was worth the super-human effort it took for me to leave the house. Tickets were free and it was a very laid back day – I liked the fact that I could explore everything at my own pace.

I started my adventure at Home:Lands, where after a short wait in a long but fast moving queue I was asked to spin a compass which would determine my first stop – very serendipitous! After I was done at each Land, I would spin the compass again and it would tell me where to go next. It was a nice touch, and I liked knowing that I was unlikely to have the same journey as anyone else!

The Compass at Scot:Lands

There were ten Scot:Lands in total to explore, with names such as Chemikal:Land, Cine:Land, Blazin’:Land… you get the idea. While the names alluded what you would find in each Land, you never really knew for sure what to expect until you arrived there. You didn’t know where you were going either – the location was only revealed on the ticket you were given after you spun the compass.

At each Land there was a fine example of art and/or music, with each one set up so you could come and go as you please. As I am very much a “collect them all” kind of girl, I felt the need to race around as many as I could – but I could have quite as easily settled down and spent the rest of the day in a Land that I particularly enjoyed. I must admit, I was quite sad to tear myself away from Insider:Land…

Here are some of my favourite pictures I took along the way:

The Audience at Scot:Lands

Blue Skye:Land

Blazin' Fiddles

Sea Bird:Land at Scot:Lands

Cine:Land at Scot:Lands


Insider:Land Sign

Singer performing at Insider:Land at Scot:Lands


Chemikal:Land Performance

Now I have done Scot:Lands once, I would love to do it again. I really enjoyed the seemingly random and lackadaisical nature of the set up – although the only thing I think I would do differently next year is not pressure myself into visiting all the Lands. Four hours was not enough time to take in and enjoy all ten of the venues, so next time I think I will just accept the fate that the compass gives me and go with the flow. A good life lesson to start off 2016!

If you fancy giving Scot:Lands a go in 2017, keep an eye out for announcements from Edinburgh’s Hogmanay. The event is free but ticketed, so make sure you get yours as soon as you can.

This post is the final instalment of a three part series on #blogmanay, brought to you by the lovely people behind Edinburgh’s Hogmanay, Unique Events, and is supported by ETAG, Marketing Edinburgh, Rabbies Tours and co-creators Haggis Adventures. Even though I have been asked to cover these events by the organisers, it doesn’t change the fact that I think Edinburgh’s Hogmanay is pretty damn swell.

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