Flowers in Siam


I was recently invited by my pals at Zomato  to come and try a new place in Stockbridge – Siam. This Thai restaurant has recently reopened with a new look, new management, new ethos, new… well everything really, and the folk wanted some foodies* to come along and try it out.

Shamefully I very rarely go out for Thai food, Mr Bug isn’t big on his spice and I know that Thai cuisine can sometimes be a bit relentlessly hot at times, so we tend to stay away. I quite like hot food though, and seen as it was just me for the evening I was more than happy to pop in and see what it was all about.

Inside Siam

The restaurant is a recent addition to the Stockbridge foodie scene, but some would be forgiven for thinking that it had been there all along. In fact, the premises used to be occupied by another Thai restaurant, but completely new owners have now come in and are keen to do something a little bit different to what was here before.

They are mad about their food, and make no secret of the fact that they try to source as much of their meat, seafood and produce from the Edinburgh area if they can.

A selection of starters from Siam

To start, we had a selection of their favourite starters on the menu. This was (starting from the top left in the picture above): chicken wings, prawn salsa, scallops mango, sun-dried pork, and Thai calamari.

Out of the five dishes, surprisingly my favourite was the Thai calamari – and usually I absolutely HATE calamari! When I’ve had it before, it’s been so rubbery and chewy… but this was an absolute treat. It wasn’t rubbery in the slightest, and the light Thai seasoned batter was delightful.

The chap who served us was keen to tell us about the scallops and the calamari, which apparently came into the restaurant that evening from Leith docks. So if you want a taste of the local seafood – this is clearly one of the places you have to go!

Salmon in curry sauce

For my main, I chose the salmon in curry sauce. It came with a separate bowl of sticky rice, but I thought the overall presentation of the salmon was wonderful. The sauce was hot, yes, but not too spicy that it hid all the lovely coconutty Thai flavours underneath.

I was sitting with Jadine from Punk Rock Princess and, having spent some time in Thailand herself, was able to confirm that this was great authentic Thai food.

Homemade Sticky Toffee Pudding from Siam

Finally, we were asked if we wanted pudding. Some were shaking their heads in defeat from all the wonderful Thai food, but I am always up for dessert!

There was only one pudding on the menu that evening – which I kind of liked, to be honest – and it was a freshly made sticky toffee pudding. Oh my goodness – it was incredible. Probably one of the best sticky toffee puddings I’ve ever had! It was very light, and came with a moreish toffee sauce. The whole thing was deliciously comforting, but I didn’t hate myself afterwards – which is definitely unusual for a dessert like this.

Outside Siam

While I don’t go out for Thai food very often, I would definitely consider to returning to Siam. This small place might be missed by many passers by, but the folks behind it are so passionate about their food that you are not going to be disappointed with your meal here!

You can find Siam (website) at 48 Howe Street, EH3 6TH. Walk up Frederick Street from Princes Street and keep walking up over George Street and down the hill to Stockbridge. After about a five minute walk, you’ll see the big green sign for it on the left hand side. 

Many thanks to Siam for providing me and my Zomato chums with the fantastic meal! 

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*I’m a foodie now, apparently. If that means that I love shoving food in my face on a regular basis, then I guess I’m guilty as charged!

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