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One of the many great things about my new job (I will stop banging on about it at some point, I promise) is that I get to try lots of new places that would have normally passed me by. I was lucky enough to be invited from my work to try Steak’s new menu for summer 2015 – and safe to say their new offering is a pretty good effort.

Steak is a restaurant within the complex on Picardy Place including Steak on Stones, Beer and Skittles and Twelve Picardy Place Hotel (I fully intend to cover these places very soon as well!). Steak restaurant is the daddy of the group though, with little branches running off into Steak on Stones (where you can cook the meat yourself) and Steak Burger (the pop up restaurant in Beer and Skittles).

Inside Steak

The interior is very unusual, with a large darkly lit room, diagrams of beef cuts on the wall and wooden beams hanging from the ceiling with thick rope. It is a very unique feel but it looks great, with lots of seats and tables available and the capacity to cater for larger groups.

Mackerel and red pepper marmalade tart

There were a lot of intriguing beefy starters on the menu, but considering I was about to have a huge hunk of steak, I decided to go for something fishy instead and ordered the mackerel tart with red pepper marmalade.

It was very nice – the pasty was lovely and light and the red pepper brought a little bit of sweetness to the dish that offset the natural saltiness of the fish quite nicely. It was a good portion for a starter and safe to say I still had plenty of room for the main event.

Display of steaks

Now, I must admit I am not a huge steak eater generally, so I was relieved that the knowledgeable waitress was able to give us a brief overview of what each cut was before we ordered. We had the choice of the fillet, sirloin, ribeye, T-bone and onglet cuts this particular evening, and she was really good in explaining where each cut was from and how best to order it (i.e. not well done!).

Steak at Steak

I ended up going for the fillet steak, and ordered it medium rare – resisting the urge to order it well done. In the end I was really pleased that I followed the waitress’ advice – it was cooked wonderfully and it definitely one of the best steaks I have had in a long time!

Each steak is also served with a piece of bone that was stuffed with a kind of mushroom paste. It wasn’t to my liking but I can imagine that most would find it a nice little addition.

Steak sidesThe steak comes on its own, but the menu has a wide selection of sides to choose from. Pictured above are the fries, macaroni cheese and creamed bacon, leeks and peas. I was really lucky in this instance that I was able to try a little bit of everything, but my personal favourite were the peas – a perfect bit on the side for your steak!

Dark chocolate device with salted caramel and popcorn ice cream

I was starting to feel a bit full after all that, but funnily enough I did manage to fit in some pudding! I had the dark chocolate delice with caramel and popcorn ice cream – and yes, it is as good as it looks! The dark chocolate was rich but not too sweet, but the ice cream and popcorn set the whole thing off just right.

Steak is a great place to go if you’re an out-and-out carnivore. Quite frankly, there are are very few places where you will get better steak in the city. Add that to their gorgeous sides, starters and puddings, and you’ve got yourself one hell of a meal out, my friend!

Steak can be found at 14 Picardy Place, EH3 3JT. It’s just around the corner from Elm Row, where you’ll also find Pomegranate and Taste of Italy. This is a pretty awesome spot for dining! 

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