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The Dominion

The Dominion is a cinema in the heart of Morningside. Tucked away down one of the side streets off the main road, this mighty art deco building sits quite grandly in the otherwise unremarkable street. And it’s pretty special.

Outside the Dominion

I know what you’re thinking – “It’s a cinema. Why are you writing about a cinema on a blog about the best things to do in Edinburgh?!”.

I totally get it. Usually going to the cinema is one of those things that is the same, no matter where you go. Going to see a blockbuster movie in Edinburgh should be the same as going to see a film in Newcastle, London, Manchester, Glasgow… and I can imagine it’s not very high up on the priority list of anyone who just comes to the city for a couple of days.

Well think again, my friend.  For me, watching a film in the Dominion is one of the quintessential Edinburgh experiences that everyone must do, at least once.

Outside the Dominion Cinema

The outside looks like your proper old school, art-deco cinema, with glass art by the doors and grand steps up into the entrance. However, the screenings are as up to date as you like, with all the latest blockbuster hits on show. On our last visit, Mr Bug and I went to see ‘Ant Man’, the latest addition to the Marvel franchise.

Inside the Dominion Cinema

The nostalgic theme very much continues as you walk inside, with rich red carpets, glamourous lighting and old faded pictures on the walls of classy Hollywood stars gone by.

There are four screens in the Dominion, and the cinema shows roughly six to seven films a day. There’s also a luxury ‘Red Star’ screening for private parties and you can buy vouchers if you want to give a gift with a difference!

Snacks at the Dominion cinema - S.Luca ice cream, red wine

One of the things that sets the Dominion apart from its counterparts are the snacks available at the bar. There is plenty of wine available, and for me a visit to the Dominion is practically unthinkable without a glass of plonk in my hand!

They also get their ice cream from local producers S.Luca, which comes in lovely big tubs (about 250ml) and so are bound to last you for a good bit of the film!

Of course, there’s also the other standard stuff you’ll find at any other cinema: popcorn, sweets, soda – whatever you like. But here’s what really sets the Dominion apart:

The Chairs at Dominion Cinema

Yes. Those are leather sofas. Instead of the usual sit-n-flip chairs you get at 99.99% of cinemas, the Dominion has full sized, luxurious leather sofas. With footstools. And yes, they are just as comfy as they look! I can’t think of anything better than curling up on one of these bad boys with an ice cream and glass of wine to watch one of the latest releases. It’s a perfect rainy day activity.

So yes, this is a cinema. But this is is how Edinburgh does cinema. Come and check it out!

The Dominion (website) is at 18 Newbattle Terrace, EH10 4RT. You can get there by going up to Morningside on the 11, 16, or 23 from the city centre. As you go up, Newbattle Terrace is one of the streets on the left hand side. 

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  1. My daughter and I visited the cinema on Monday 14 November. We had a ticket to admit two persons. There was no “use by” on the ticket and it was not honoured. This was bought in good faith as a present!

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