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The Edinbug Awards

Today is a very special day in Edinbug land. The 13th October 2015 is Edinbug’s first birthday. One year ago, I hit publish on my very first post, and since then I have written 99 more. Yes dear friends, not only is this Edinbug’s first birthday, it is also my 100th post.  Huzzah!

Well I couldn’t let this momentous occasion pass without a wee celebration, so to mark this special day I thought I would do a fun compilation of some of my favourite places that I’ve been to in the past year in a sort-of online awards ceremony. There’s no official panel, apart from me, and there aren’t any physical awards to present (I mean an amateur bloggers budget can only stretch so far…) so I’m afraid the winners will just have to settle with the pride that only victory in these awards can bring.

So, yeah. The legitimacy of these awards are questionable at best… but still. Let’s see what fun we can have with it. Ahem.

Without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you…


Best Coffee

Brew Lab's flat white

Winner – Brew Lab

The winner of the first ever Edinbug award goes to Brew Lab for their amazing flat whites. This is a really popular coffee place in Edinburgh, and for good reason. The quality of their drinks are second to none and they aren’t scared to be experimental, with adventurous ‘pour over’ brews and a new cold brew coffee drink, which you can find in shops all over the city.

Notable mention must also be given to Cairngorm Coffee, Wellington Coffee and  Montpeliers, which surprisingly serves up a pretty nice cappuccino.

Most helpful post

The main concourse of Waverley Station

Winner – Waverley Station

I’ve tried to write informational posts where I can, because I understand it can be quite daunting at first when you arrive in Edinburgh and have no idea where anything is or how to get about. One of my favourite informative posts I have written is about Waverley Station – it was the first proper meaty post and I tried to go into as much detail helpful detail as I could. Hopefully someone has found it useful!

Also make sure to check out my guide to Edinburgh Airport, top tips on catching a bus and my take on what the weather is like in Edinburgh.

Best Pizza

Chicken and Pancetta Pizza from Dough

Winner – Dough

This is a hotly contested one, but I am going to be a bit controversial here and give it to Rose Street newcomers Dough. Their chicken and pancetta pizza, with those itty bitty pieces of moreish potato, was nothing short of genius.

However, there are plenty of places in Edinburgh to get a decent pizza nowadays, so be sure to also check out Civerinos, Origano and old Edinburgh favourites La Favorita.

Best value for money

Spaghetti carbonara

Winner – Taste of Italy

The best spaghetti carbonara in the city for less than six quid. Need I say more?

Also check out my very first post, the Mosque Kitchen, where you can fill your belly with delicious curry for less than a fiver, easy.

Best alcoholic beverage

La Vie en Rose cocktail at Twenty Princes Street

Winner – Juniper / Twenty Princes Street

This one was a toughie, as most of you know I do enjoy the odd tipple! But for their beautiful views, long imaginative menu and really theatrical serves, the award has to go to Juniper (who also do the drinks in Twenty Princes Street next door). The photos in my original post are awful – but please don’t let that put you off! The drinks really are incredible and an absolute must for a special girls night out.

Other good options include Treacle on Broughton Street, Henricks in Bruntsfield and the newly opened Leith Chop House.

The “Real Taste of Edinburgh”

Fish and chips at City Restaurant

Winner – City Restaurant

Not for the faint hearted, this is where you go if you want to eat like the locals eat and get a proper taste of Edinburgh! I love a chippy as much as the next person, and you really can’t go wrong with City Restaurant. Unlike most takeaways, they have a nice big seating area, so you can be all fancy like and eat your fish off a plate, as opposed to out of a paper bag!

The most popular post

A diving helmet and old interiors book

Winner – The Espy

I love having a poke around the ol’ website analytics, and it constantly tells me that this is the most popular post. Even though it is fairly old now, it is the most read page on the site. I think it has something to do with the fact this wee pub in Portobello doesn’t have a website of its own, so people have to rely on ol’ Edinbug instead. Either way, I’m happy that it brings so many people to the site! Welcome! Sit down – can I get you a cup of tea or anything…?

Best Day Out

Mask on display at the National Museum of Scotland

Winner – National Museum of Scotland

This was another hotly contested one – there are so many good ways to spend a day out in Edinburgh. You could take a leisurely stroll along the Water of Leith, you could get nostalgic in the Museum of Childhood, or you can take a look around our little-known Castle… maybe you’ve heard of it? :p

However, in the end I had to give it to the museum. This wee gem has it all, with fascinating exhibits spanning Scotland’s long history and interesting pieces from around the world, and a “hidden” terrace on the roof that will take your breath away. All for free. It just doesn’t get better than that.

The “Hidden Gem”

Baked cod at Calistoga

Winner: Calistoga

Rose Street is a pretty popular thoroughfare in the city centre, and yet if you just wander off into one of the wee lanes snaking off it, you’ll come across this wee star of a restaurant. It’s quite unassuming, but the wine selection and food here is second to none. Their Californian cuisine is simply delicious, and the guys here really know their stuff when it comes to their extensive Californian wine list.

Be sure to try out their excellent guided wine tasting sessions, which start from only £34 per person and includes a three course meal afterwards. Definitely a highlight of my year dining out!

Most authentic Indian food in Edinburgh

Vegetarian thali at Punjabi Junction

Winner – Punjabi Junction

Dedicated readers will know that I am on an endless hunt for authentic Indian food in Edinburgh. While some of the more popular places are very good, they do not make the proper Indian food you would find on the streets of Mumbai!

For me, the best taste of food from back in India can be found in Punjabi Junction – it’s as close to the real deal that I have found so far. Plus, a full-blown thali will only cost you seven quid. Who said eating out in Edinburgh is expensive?!

Best Pudding

Salted caramel and chocolate tart

Winner – Ricks

I also love a good pudding, and this was another category that was almost too close to call. The steaming baked alaska from Twenty Princes Street nearly took it, but in the end I reckon that this ultra rich, gooey sweet chocolate and salted caramel tart from Ricks had to take the crown.

When you feel ill from so much sugar but you keep eating because it is that good… yeah. That. Order at your peril!

Mr Bug’s Favourite

A hotdog and chips

Winner – Clerks Bar

Finally, perhaps the most coveted award – Mr Bug’s favourite. He’s been along for the ride with me to most of these places, waited patiently while I take pictures of his lunch before he eats, puts up with the incessant early-morning typing and splits the bill with me on our wee ‘Bug’ outings. I couldn’t do it without his support, quite frankly, so it’s only fair he gets to crown the winner of an award.

So, after much deliberation, he decided that the hot dog at Clerks Bar was the best meal he’s had since I started. What can I say, he’s a man of simple tastes! To be fair, the food in Clerks is pretty good, and you can’t argue with its prices, either.

The view from Calton Hill

Well I’ve got to the point where I can’t think of any more categories.. So that’s it! The last of the 2015 Edinbug awards. Will I do it next year? Who knows?! I might make it an annual thing, if I can be bothered. 😉

But if I can stop for a moment and get a bit soppy here, I just want to say that the last year has been incredible. This site has made me appreciate my city like never before, helped me secure my dream job and put me in contact with some of the most wonderful folks who I now consider steadfast friends.

And to you – my dear readers – it’s been an absolute pleasure to have you along for the ride. I would be honoured if you keep crawling around Edinburgh with me, because even twelve months on and 100 posts in, we still have lots to explore.

Here’s to the next year.

And the next 100 posts.

*sips a gin*

Emma x

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