Greyfriars Bobby for the Reel Edinburgh Tour

The Reel Edinburgh Tour

If you want to find out more about Edinburgh, then there’s few better ways to do it than with a guided tour. Walk up Royal Mile during the peak tourist season and you are bound to bump into several guides offering ghost tours, history walks and the like, all of which are excellent ways to find out more about our city and our folklore. However, if you fancy something a little bit different than the usual grisly tales and history lessons, then be sure to go on the Reel Edinburgh Tour.

I met the guys behind The Reel Edinburgh Tour through work. We have a lot of film based events going on in the city through June (the Edinburgh International Film Festival and Film in the City, to name a couple) and it so was the perfect opportunity for them to launch their new offering.

I’m always keen to try out these things, so when they offered to take a bunch of us on the tour to see what it was all about, I jumped at the chance.

Ticket for the Reel Edinburgh Tour

We arrived at the Festival Theatre and were given a ticket by usherette Cally, who told us we were about to see a new film “Hooray for Holyrood” – a documentary about filmmaking in Edinburgh. We all lined up, ready to go into the “cinema” when projectionist Ally came out and said that the projector was broken and the showing couldn’t go ahead.

With a group of eager people to waiting to be entertained, Ally and Cally had no choice but to think on their feet. They promptly launched into a guided tour of film in Edinburgh, showing us all the stories in the documentary – except in real life (much better than watching it in a film, I’m sure!).

Props on the Reel Edinburgh Tour

What followed was a two hour tour of Edinburgh, taking in sights such as Greyfriar’s Bobby, the school that inspired Hogwarts, the Grassmarket and the picturesque Victoria Street.

Ally and Cally were fountains of cinematic information, pointing out well-known locations as well as telling lesser known stories and talking about films I had no idea were associated with Edinburgh.

Ally dressed as a "Restless Native"

There were plenty of props used along the way, and you could tell that Ally and Cally were having a great time showing us around. The pair had great chemistry and they had good banter with each other, joking and laughing as they went along.

There are lots of tours in Edinburgh, but these guys offer something completely different from what is already out there. Yes of course the ghost trails and fascinating history tours are great for finding out about this city, but if you want to find out about Edinburgh from a different angle, then The Reel Edinburgh Tour is an excellent shout. With interesting anecdotes and intriguing tidbits, this tour is an absolute must for any film buff visiting the capital.

Ally and Cally

The Reel Edinburgh Tour (website) starts at 7pm Friday – Sunday outside the Festival Theatre, 13-29 Nicolson Street, EH8 9FT. You can buy tickets from the guides on the night, or get them online beforehand for a discount. 

Many thanks to the Reel Edinburgh Tour for providing me with a ticket, and the cover image for this post!

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