Tutto Matto

I’m a big pizza fan, so you can imagine as soon as I spotted that a new pizza place had opened up in the Old Town, I was keen to try it out. Tutto Matto has only recently opened but has already made a positive impression on a lot of my friends, so one evening in December Mr Bug and myself popped along to see what the deal was. Was this really something special, or just another in a long line of nondescript pizzerias?

I must admit, despite it being open for only a couple of weeks when we visited, the place looked very “bedded in” – the staff knew what they were doing and there was a steady stream of people coming through the door to enjoy some good pizza.

Tutto Matto Interior

We were sat pretty much at the window at the front of the restaurant, but as I explored the place a little more to take more pictures I was surprised at how big the place actually was, with a big dining area down the stairs and stretching right to the back of the premises. I doubt you’ll ever have a problem getting sat down here!

Mr Bug and were feeling particularly hungry on this evening so we ordered two full sized pizzas and two sized – plenty that would keep us satiated for at least a while.

Tutto Matto Bruschetta

To start wanted to try the green pepper bruschetta, which was four slices of bread topped generously with tomatoes, green peppers and chillies. The chillies made this starter very hot, even for someone like me who quite likes spice. I really enjoyed it but I can imagine it might be a bit much for some people, so something to be wary of.


Meanwhile, the salt and chilli fries, unlike the name suggests, weren’t that spicy at all – or maybe that was because my tongue was still a bit burnt out from the bruschetta – I’m not sure! Either way, the chilli still gave these fries a good flavour and I really enjoyed them, an excellent accompaniment to our pizzas.

Tutto Matto BBQ Chicken Pizza

Mr Bug and I have our go-tos when it comes to pizza. If Mr Bug spots any kind of barbecue flavoured pizza on the menu, you can be sure he will go for it.

Lucky for him, Tutto Matto had the Texas pizza, which sounded right up his street – with house made barbecue pizza sauce, smoked chicken, caramelized red onion, roasted sweetcorn, shredded gouda and mozzarella. Right enough, he absolutely loved it, polishing off every slice.

Tutto Matto Veggie Pizza

While Mr Bug always goes for his BBQ pizza, I always opt for the veggie-heavy option. Even in my heady meat-eater days, I have always been a firm fan of the vegetable pizza. Admittedly, I felt there could have been a bigger vegetarian selection on the menu, but I spotted one pizza that was just the ticket: the Verdura pizza had pizzaiola tomato sauce, green peppers, red peppers, artichoke hearts, caramelised onions and cherry tomatoes with mozzarella.

And oh boy. It was good. There was a perfect balance of veggies and cheese, and the base hit that sweet spot of being dense enough to be satisfying, but thin enough to have a satisfying crisp. As I sit here writing about it a couple of weeks on, I yearn to go back and have another slice! This pizza really was heaven.

Tutto Matto Sign

Even though they haven’t been there for very long, Tutto Matto have hit the ground running. Their pizzas are great and their exciting menu full of imaginative topping combinations are bound to draw the punters in. In a city that has its fair share of fine pizzerias, this is place is bound to make its mark and will become one of the fresh fast food highlights of the Old Town.

You can find Tutto Matto (website) at 16 Nicolson Street, EH8 9DH. Walk up North Bridge from Princes Street and you’ll see it on your left hand side opposite the Festival Theatre. It’s just up the road from the Whistle Stop Barber Shop.

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