Wellington Coffee

Wellington Coffee

The weather was glorious in Edinburgh last Friday (stop chuckling at the back there – it does happen sometimes!). The sun was shining, it was balmy and warm and I just wanted a spot to sit and watch the world go by. So, when I spotted a free table outside Wellington Coffee on Hanover Street, I snapped that bad boy right up.

Wellington Coffee is one of those places that you don’t really see unless you are looking for it. It has a fairly unassuming exterior, and like Cairngorm Coffee it is slightly below street level, only accessible by going down some stairs.

Inside Wellington Coffee

The interior has a rustic hipster feel, with a only a couple of tables inside giving the impression that most people get their coffee from here to go. Being in the heart of the New Town, it is in a prime location for attracting all those office workers needing a good cup o’ joe on their way into work.

Sweet treats at Wellington Coffee

I was lucky enough to have the day off, so unlike most of their clientele on a weekday I was in the mood to stop and properly enjoy my coffee. As I went to the front desk to order my cappuccino I caught these gorgeous scones making eyes at me from across the counter – so of course I had to order one of those as well!

Wellington Coffee

Wellington Coffee is a great place to go on a sunny day, as they have plenty of outdoor seating where you can just sit and take in some rays as you watch the shoppers and office workers going back and forth.

After I ordered my coffee the barista offered to bring it right to my table. The service was quick and a couple of minutes later I had a mouthwatering scone and cappuccino sitting in front of me. My coffee was lovely. I ordered a small but it was still a good size and had a nice head of foam on top – the perfect pick me up!

Wellington Coffee Scone

As for the scone, well I felt it doubled in size when it came from the counter to my table. It was massive! It came with a serving of butter and jam, however if you pay extra you can get it with clotted cream. I really enjoyed it, although I must admit when it comes to fruit scones, I am easily pleased. However this seemed to be a good specimen, lovely and crumbly with a good distribution of fruit throughout.

If you are in town on a sunny day then try and grab a table at Wellington Coffee. As well as good coffee, they have a solid selection for sweet treats making it the ideal place to stop and recharge your batteries before getting on with the rest of your day.

Wellington Coffee Outside

Wellington Coffee is at 33A George Street, EH2 2HN – just at the crossroads of Hanover Street. Keep a keen eye out for it – you’ll spot it down the stairs under Penhaligon’s.

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