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What’s the Edinburgh weather like?

If I were to sum the Edinburgh weather up in one word, it would be: changeable.

If I leave the house in the morning and it’s blistering sunshine, that’s not to say that it won’t be pouring down with rain an hour or two later. Or vice versa. My favourite is when I go for a walk, and it starts raining, then stops raining, then gets really windy. I lovingly call it “the wash and blow dry” (see picture above to see what I mean)!

Having said that, Edinburgh is on the East coast, which makes it a lot dryer than other parts of Scotland. Just bear in mind that this IS Scotland, and you are likely going to see a rain shower or two, no matter what time of year you visit. But just count your lucky stars that you’re not in Glasgow.

A picture of East Princes Street Gardens in the beautiful Edinburgh weather

Despite what you might hear, we do get sunshine from time to time! Sunny days in Edinburgh are usually fairly cool, without any cloud trapping the residue heat in. The only exception is in summer, when you’ll get sunny days that are around 25°c – although rarely any higher.

Okay, so our summers are hardly scorching, but on the flip side of the coin , our winters are fairly mild too. Being near the sea takes the bite out of the usual Northern chill, and you’ll find temperatures rarely drop below freezing.

However, that does mean that snow is quite rare. We probably get 1-2 snowfalls a year, but it rarely lies for more than a few days. In fact, our city’s infrastructure isn’t really equipped for snow, so if you do manage to get caught in a flurry, expect travel chaos and widespread panic. It’s pretty much the same as all over the UK.

All in all, the average day in Edinburgh probably involves temperatures around 10°c and some cloud. Hardly the Costa del Sol, but not the Baltics either.

I apologise. I meant to offer some insight into the Edinburgh climate, but I doubt this post has actually been any help. Oh well. For the latest up to date weather information, I would recommend checking the BBC weather site, which in my experience has the most reliable forecasts. However, even the Beeb can sometimes be wrong so keep a wee rain poncho in your pocket – just in case!

No matter what the weather is like in Edinburgh, there’s always something to do. Discover my suggestions for things to do on sunny days and places to hide when the heavens open!

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